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5 Natural Ways to Battle Body Odor

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 Of course you're going to be stinky and sweaty after a long run or working in the garden. But what if you're stinky and sweaty at 2pm on a Wednesday and all you've done is sit at your desk all day? That's when you need some help. Prevention magazine outlined five surprising, natural ways you can fight body odor.

1. Choose natural fabrics.
Instead of wearing synthetic fabrics, switch to cotton because it will better absorb perspiration and then allow it to evaporate.

2. Skip the garlic and onions.
Garlic and onions not only give you bad breath, but also can be absorbed in your body in such a way that the odor is released in your sweat. In addition, these strong cooking odors can cling to your hair and clothes and will stay there until you shampoo your hair and launder your clothing.

3. Apply some apple cider vinegar.
If you're looking for a natural underarm deodorant, use apple cider vinegar. Really! Just apply it directly to your armpits to kill body odor.

4. Cut back on meat.
Extracts of proteins and oils from certain foods, especially meat, as well as some types of spices, can remain in your body's excretions and secretions long after eating -- and they can make you stink.

5. Benefit from good bacteria.
Take a daily acidophilus supplement to fight odor from the inside out. Acidophilus is a probiotic bacteria that helps aid digestion.

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05/10/2013 5:49AM
5 Natural Ways to Battle Body Odor
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