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5 Ways To Keep Your Food From Getting Gross

There is nothing more disgusting than reaching for your favorite food only to find out that it has turned into a gross glob of goo. came up with these 5 tips that you can use to keep your food from becoming gross

1. Keep your bananas bangin’, not browning: You might already wrap the entire bunch of bananas in plastic wrap at the stem, but separating each piece of fruit and then wrapping the stems will keep them fresher. The wrap keeps the fruit’s ethylene gas from browning and ripening bananas and any other fruit nearby. This will slow down that process a wee bit.

2. Freezer burn no more aka The Moment Your Life Changed:  For ice cream, trim the tub as the level of ice cream goes down. That will help keep freezer burn at bay, as it’s the extra air in the container that provides a nice place for the crystals to set up shop.

3. Talking tomatoes: Store tomatoes stem down at room temperature. This way, less air and moisture will enter the tomato’s scar and gives it a little extra stamina.

4. Potatoes and apples are BFFs: Keeping your potatoes with the apples will help prevent early sprouting — that same ethylene gas that ripens bananas will put a damper on potato sprouts.

5. Nobody likes brown guacamole: Drizzle a thin layer of water over leftover guacamole to provide a barrier against oxygen. I also keep the avocado pit in the container, a trick learned that’s always done wonders.

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10/10/2013 4:58AM
% Ways To Keep Your Food From Getting Gross
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