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9 Items People Say It's OK To Steal

As a child I was brought up to know that stealing is wrong as I think the majority of us were.  But according to a recent survey of 1,000 people by, people have no guilty conscience when it comes to taking certain things without paying. 

1-93% Hotel shampoos, lotion and other room items. OK, shampoo and lotions are complimentary and implied for you top take home but towels, sheets, coffee and even batteries from the remote control you may have a Klepto problem.

2-88% unsecured Internet connection.  With the monthly fees of Internet access routinely over $30 a month it's no wonder that people look for a free ride online (just walk inside a Panera or Starbucks).  Stealing your neighbor's Internet signal via an unsecured WiFi connection is perfectly OK to 4 out of 5 people.  Yet if you were to ask if stealing $30 from the guy who you steal Internet from I bet the percentage would drop.  If anything, offer to pay half of the Internet bill for a clearer conscience.

3-55% restaurant condiments. One of my favorite episodes of My Name Is Earl was when Joy was refilling the family's ketchup bottle with individual packets of ketchup lifted from a fast food store. Funny joke but sad in reality.  Considering condiments are one of the lowest priced grocery store items, it pretty sad to be tipping the basket of saltines into your purse, pocketing a salt shaker and loading up on sporks!

4-37% steal beer glasses from a bar.  i must admit I fell in love with a pint glass from a local bar once.  After remarking about it the bartender for what must have been hours, the bar key washed out the glass and handed it to me.  I guess looking back at it, I am guilty of stealing (although I left a big tip afterwards) a glass.  I hang my head in shame but to this day I still have the pint glass and only use it for special occasions as I do not want the lettering to fade or the glass to fall and break.

5-27% stationary from work.  Ahhh yes a box of staples, a couple of post-it pads and a few ball point pens from the supply closet have found their way home.  If you were to do this at Target or Walmart, Loss Prevention would escort you to a back office while calling the police to come and arrest you!  Yet we feel little shame in doing the same thing from our employers.

6-22% co-workers food/beverages.  It's been scandalous for years here at 98.5KTK.  From cartons of half & half to frozen burritos stored in the office freezer, 1 in 5 of your co-workers see no problem of helping themselves to your coffee creamer, tea bags and left over lunch containers...even with colorfully-worded post-it notes warning to keep their hands off!  

7-17% loose candy.  An after dinner mint or chocolate is just that., for after your mea, not to load up for later!  Or better yet the Brach candy displays at grocery store where an honor system box asking for a dime for a piece of candy is often overlooked.

8-11% fruit.  Walking past the grapes at the grocery store, it's almost irresistible to pick off a grape or two or three.  Of course we are just wanting to know if the grapes are sweet and tasty...but be honest, even if they are sweet and tasty do you take from the bunch of grapes you tasted?  Or an unopened bag?

9-8% taking pens.  Unless you are inside a bank, where the pens are secured with a chain, we find it acceptable to take a pen from stores and restaurants.

A spokesman for, which carried out the survey, said: “Everyone loves a freebie but it seems the lines between what is intended as a complimentary giveaway and what is someone else’s property isn’t always clear.

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02/26/2013 5:57AM
9 Items People Say It's OK To Steal
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