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Are Fireworks Legal In Florida?

This is the $6million question, what fireworks are legal to use in Florida.  According to Florida statutes, any pyrotechnics that leave the ground or explode are illegal for recreational use, unless handled by a professional.  But if you've been inside those fireworks tents that dot the Heart of Florida, most of the offerings not only leave the ground, they fill the sky with colors of red, purple, white and green. The air is filled withthe sounds of booms, whistles ans screams.

So how can it be possible to purchase "illegal" fireworks? As with many laws, there is a loophole.Florida law allows anyone over 18 to purchase them by signing a waiver, where the customer agrees to use the purchase under an exemption. The exemption: using fireworks to scare off animals from farms or fish hatcheries.

So that is why you sign that piece of paper at checkout.  But know, buying illegal fireworks is not illegal, however using illegal fireworks is illegal.  Confused yet? 
-Chris Malone

You can read the entire article from the Sun-Sentinel by clicking here.

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07/03/2013 4:48AM
Are Fireworks Legal In Florida
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