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Big Game Activities For The Kids

Sunday is the big game day and all you want to do is blend into the couch with a bag of chips and a cold beer and watch the game with you and your friends.  But what about the kids who you know won’t want to watch this NFL showdown? Not to worry, the kids will have plenty of fun games of their own to play with some of these activity thought starters.

Designate a room in your house and fill it with tons of game options. From video games (think: Madden NFL) to pin the football on the field goal, the kids will be entertained for hours so you can be focused on how many touchdowns your team is scoring and take in all of the commercials without interruption.

Tweens: Set up the Xbox, the Wii, Nintendo or all of the above. Once the consoles are turned on, you won't hear from your child again for hours!

Little kids: Play football bingo. There are tons of free printables available online or you can make your own. Get the kids in on the action and let them help design the cards and think up the prizes. You can even make the bingo chips edible.

Toddlers: Play pin the football on the field goal. Make your own game using painter's tape and construction paper. Blindfold your child, spin her around and let her try to pin the football between the goal posts. Any football that makes it between the uprights earned a prize.

Halftime Show
Call on your little performers to put on their own halftime show for you. Beyonce is the star of this year's Super Bowl halftime show, so challenge your children to come up with an act that is centered around her music. This activity is sure to keep them occupied during the first half of the game as they practice their performance and also during the second half when they prepare for their encore! Get your video camera ready as your children's rendition of "All The Single Ladies" is sure to be even more entertaining than Beyonce's!

Tweens: Your tween can be the manager, the choreographer, the lead singer or all of the above. From lip syncing to actual singing, you're sure to be entertained by any performance your children think up.

Little kids and toddlers: The little kids and toddlers can be your tween's back-up dancers, singers or musicians. They can also help design the set and decide on the costumes.

Football Trivia
From easy to hard, think up a wide range of trivia questions so children of all ages can play. You can either focus the ideas around this year's Super Bowl, which will make it more of a guessing game (Who will win? How many points will the Super Bowl championship team win by? Which team will score first?) Or you can ask about past Super Bowls or football in general. Ideas for questions you can ask:

  • What is the number of this year's Super Bowl?
  • What are each team's colors?
  • Who are the quarterbacks for each team?
  • Who is performing during the halftime show?
  • How many points do you receive for a touchdown?
  • What is a two-point conversion?
  • How many yards is the length of the football field?
  • What is an interception?
  • True or false: (Insert name of your home team) has won a previous Super Bowl.

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01/31/2013 5:25AM
Big Game Activities For The Kids
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