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Bruno Mars Banned From Pennsylvania High Schools

Bruno Mars has been banned from being played at schools in Lancaster County, PA. According to Lancaster Online, a Lancaster County school board made the decision to remove two Top 40 hits from its high school marching band's upcoming music selection because of their suggestive lyrics. 

Garden Spot High School's marching band has been practicing the instrumental versions of Bruno's "Locked Out of Heaven" and Fall Out Boy's "Thanks for the Memories." According to the site, the school district's school board voted six to three to uphold the decision to ban the records. Board member Heidi L. Zimmerman called the lyrics "trashy" and "inappropriate" for high school students. She added, "We only voted on it because the parents asked us to reconsider."

My personal opinion is this is one of the most ridiculous decisions ever.  First, as someone who was in marching bands, what is the harm of playing a song that is heard everywhere?  It's not like the band would be saying the lyrics...they're playing the music!!!  And to play the popular songs of the day is a powerful way for teenagers to get excited about a marching band, instruments and musicians. Banning the school band does not to change that fact that you can hear these songs everywhere...on the radio, in department stores, on TV and the Internet.  It only shows how out of touch board members are in thinking banning a song will make it less popular stop people from listening to it.  Trying to protect people by banning is a dangerous road to travel.  I can remember schools banning Metallica, Warrant and Def Leppard in my day saying it was to protect us.  Behold I grew up fine, as well as many people in my generation, without becoming a out-of-wedlock parent or even having sex, committing suicides or using drugs.  Why? Because my parents talked to me about sex, which leads me to the root of this issue. This country has a problem with the word sex.  For some reason, when performers sing the word sex, the song instantly become inappropriate and dirty.  Never mind song lyrics that sing about drug use, rape or abuse.  Sex is the king dirty word.  But instead of treating young adults like young adults, they would rather treat them like ignorant children and ban the word for their own good.  Believe me, with or without songs lyrics, some teenagers will have sex and some won't. Banning songs only strengthens the very stance these people are trying to prevent. However, this is solely my opinion and not in any way the opinion of 98.5 KTK, Entercom Communications, it's staff and management.  I take full responsibility for these words.

-Chris Malone


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07/25/2014 3:58AM
Bruno Mars Banned From Pennsylvania High Schools
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