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Chris Malone

Recently, Chris Malone changed his schedule from 3pm- 7pm  to 5am-10 am and now can be heard with Storm Roberts and Janie Pope weekday mornings.  Some still say he's still quite possibly the best voice you will hear all day!

Earbuds Are Causing Hearing Loss At An Alarming Rate

It's hard not to notice the popularity of earbuds.  Every day when I'm at the gym, I see those familiar white cords streaming down from the ear.  The alarming problem is that many people have the volume set too loud.  It's apparent to me this when I'm next to a guy or girl at the gym and I can hear their music clear enough to know the song! At what level is loud noise damaging to our hearing? Typically at 85 decibels, about the level of a hair dryer or a food processor.  Compared to traditional-style headphones that rest over the ear, earbuds can have a higher output level of sound by about 7-9 decibels. An audiologist at Wichita State University who pulled earbuds off students to find out how loud their music was discovered that most students were listening to music at 110-120 decibels, well over the recommended volume. At that level, loud noise can cause permanent hearing loss after just an hour and 15 minutes. With numbers like these, it’s no wonder that the number of teens with hearing loss has jumped 33 percent since 1994, according to a study published in The Journal of the American Medical Association.

So what can you do to still enjoy your music while protecting your hearing?  Click here for the rest of the article.

-Chris Malone

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10/03/2013 6:26AM
Earbuds Are Causing Hearing Loss At An Alarming Rate
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