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Fit of Giggles

My Dad lives in Northern California and works in Sacramento. He's a Civil Engineer but also a semi-professional photographer. He got a phone call from the California Office of Insurance the other day. They had seen some of his photographs and want to hang them in their office. He said "Great! What do you need from me?" They said "Send us whatever you have of California. Mountains, ocean, cities, country. But no nudes. We don't want nudes." His response was "Uh, not a problem. I don't have any of those anyway...."

When he told me this story, I fell into an absolute fit of giggles. Made me wonder JUST what kind of photos they HAVE been receiving that they felt the need to clarify "no nudes"... (p.s. Nicely done, Dad. Good for you!!)

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05/15/2014 12:37PM
Fit of Giggles
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