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Chris Malone

Recently, Chris Malone changed his schedule from 3pm- 7pm  to 5am-10 am and now can be heard with Storm Roberts and Janie Pope weekday mornings.  Some still say he's still quite possibly the best voice you will hear all day!

Industry Secrets That Influence Your Purchases

Marketing fascinates me and in a Capitalist society where competition can be tough, business owners look for any advantage over the others to get your dollar; even appealing to our primal instincts.  Here are three techniques that marketers use that you probably had no idea were being rendered to get your business and to keep it.
-Chris Malone

Cold Weather Affects Your Taste In Movies
If you take a look at a list of the most popular romantic movies of all time, you notice something weird: Half of the top 10 came out in November or December. This is despite the fact that normally summer blockbusters make all the money. Scientists decided to look into this and noticed that you find the same trend in movie rentals as well -- romance does better in winter. Then, they found that in Europe, you can actually chart what genre of movie does best in a country by measuring its average temperature.
It all points to the same thing: You're simply more likely to enjoy a good romance when the weather is cold.
In one experiment, researchers put half of their participants in a cold room with iced tea and the other half in a hot room with hot tea. After a while, the audiences were asked which movie they'd prefer out of four different genres: romance, thriller, action, or comedy. And sure enough, being physically cold made them prefer romantic movies.

You Touch It, You'll Want It
Really persuasive people know that it's all about touch: the salesman or politician is quick to pat you on the back or shake your hand; the waitress knows that a touch on your arm gets a bigger tip. If the thing they're selling is a physical product, they know they'd better let us customers put our greasy mitts on it. This is why car salespeople are so big on making you test drive the vehicle (they literally phrase the technique as "The feel of the wheel will seal the deal").Why? Because in humans, touch is almost a form of  mind control. Whatever it is, if you touch it for a while, you'll become attached to it.  Not only are people more likely to buy something they've touched, but they're actually willing to pay more.  This is why if the product comes in a box the store will try to put a display model out that you can handle to your heart's content. Even if you can't actually gain any information about the usefulness of the product, it doesn't matter. Running your paws over an object makes you feel connected to it, and can even give you a false sense of ownership.

Your Name Is A Big Influence In Your Decisions
This is bizarre!  Your given name, or the nickname you like to be called is a big influence in your day-to-day decisions.  Subconsciously we are drawn to letters, symbols and other common traits that we feel are superior to others.  For instance, in the 2000 Presidential election, people whose last names started with a B were more likely to vote for Bush, while Al Gore profited from the G people.  A similar study suggests that men named Michael or Michelle were more likely to purchase Michelin tires. It's called the name-letter effect, and it can subtly influence everything in your life.  The theory is that this is all because our brains think the bits of the alphabet that start up our names are somehow better letters. Some psychologists believe it's linked to a phenomenon called implicit egotism: We respond more favorably to anything that reminds us of ourselves. No matter how illogical and arbitrary.  Check it out for yourself.  List all the names of the products you prefer and I'll bet you'll see a pattern of letters that are in your name or that are special to you.

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02/11/2013 6:28AM
Industry Secrets That Incluence You
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