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Posts from May 2014

Yogi Bear would be proud...
Love this! (but glad it wasn't my backyard:) http://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/bear-lies-down-break-hammock-florida-backyard-n119301
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Will Ferrell vs. Chad Smith

Happy Friday!! In case you missed this on Jimmy Fallon, here you go...

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Awkward Prom Photos

You're welcome:)
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Bacon Schmacon...
When I want bacon, I want BACON. And when I want bacon, I'm not concerned about whether it's good for me or not. Because I want bacon. Real bacon. Plus I would just be embarassed to buy something called "Schmacon"....http://lifewise.canoe.ca/FoodDrink/LatestNews/2014/05/19/21681481.html

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Fit of Giggles
My Dad lives in Northern California and works in Sacramento. He's a Civil Engineer but also a semi-professional photographer. He got a phone call from the California Office of Insurance the other day. They had seen some of his photographs and want to hang them in their office. He said "Great! What do you need from me?" They said "Send us whatever you have of California. Mountains, ocean, cities, country. But no nudes. We don't want nudes." His response was "Uh, not a problem. I don't have any of those anyway...."

When he told me this story, I fell into an absolute fit of giggles. Made me wonder JUST what kind of photos they HAVE been receiving that they felt the need to clarify "no nudes"... (p.s. Nicely done, Dad. Good for you!!)
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Be Delicious:)
Be Delicious. That's my motto, mantra, theme, whatever you want to call it, in life. I came up with it a few years ago after going through a very difficult time. I won't bore you with the gory details but pretty much everything that could go wrong in my world, did. And the bulk of it was out of my control. Superfun!

It occured to me one morning (after another sleepless night of worrying) that no matter happened, duh, I would be okay. Whatever happened, I would be okay. I would handle whatever came down the line and be okay. Yay me!! I couldn't control the outside stuff but, hello, I could control the inside stuff. Everyone knows this, of course, but frequently we don't REALLY believe it or live it.

Once I GOT IT, I thought "I need a motto or something to remind me & keep me focused on the inside stuff". "Be Happy" or "Stay Positive", eh, wasn't feeling those. Heard someone use the word "Delicious" and BINGO!!! So that's where "Be Delicious" came from. It's fun, savory, intelligent, tantalizing, sexy, whatever you want it to be!! It can be a piece of chocolate cake, your child's laugh, the perfect parking space at the perfect moment, a beautiful sunset, turning on the radio JUST as your favorite song comes on, whatever you want it to be.  Just be in the moment and recognize those moments.

So my wish for you today is to Be Delicious. Recognize the amazing moments in your world and your level of happiness will increase tenfold. And a piece of chocolate cake always helps:)
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I'm a sucker for a furry-face and I'm a sucker for a happy ending. Always nice when you can combine the two.
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Who knew Selfies could be so dangerous???

What cracks me up the most is while the squirrel was attacking him, his MOM kept snapping pics...
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