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Get Off My Lawn!!
So I'm watching a re-broadcast of the MTV Video Music Awards last night, which the title alone causes me to giggle because when was the last time MTV ACTUALLY PLAYED A MUSIC VIDEO, but okayfine... I thought Beyonce was amazing but I've been a fan since Destiny's Child and she proved exactly why she earned The Michael Jackson Vanguard Award. But the rest of the show, well, left me with an urge to shake my fist and yell "GET OFF MY LAWN!!" at the performers. Grant it, I'm not exactly the demo they're aiming for but I'd like to think I'm fairly hip and open-minded. Just saw a lot of mousse/gel onstage and not a lot of originality. Might have to re-watch it and see if I'm just being too critical. But I will say this, the bass player for Maroon 5 was seriously sporting a Bill Cosby sweater. No joke:)
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The word "Awesome" gets overused. A lot. Guilty as charged. BUT THIS REALLY IS AWESOME!!!

Way to go Amy!!!
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So many levels of awesome with this...
I think my favorite part is him ignoring his parents phone calls....Excellent idea! Because they aren't mad enough at you already...:)
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Robin Williams
I thought of this yesterday as we all continue to hear details regarding the passing of Robin Williams. I had a small brush with him many years ago at the San Francisco Airport. I was waiting for my Dad to pick me up at the airport and I saw Robin Williams. It was one of those moments when you see someone famous in an ordinary situation and you think to yourself "Is that who I think it is?". That's pretty much the look I gave me. He smiled back as if to say "Yes, it's me." So I waved and he waved back. And that was that. But it always struck me as a sweet moment. RIP Dear Robin, your impact on the world will continue to be amazing.
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