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Chris Malone

Recently, Chris Malone changed his schedule from 3pm- 7pm  to 5am-10 am and now can be heard with Storm Roberts and Janie Pope weekday mornings.  Some still say he's still quite possibly the best voice you will hear all day!

Most Awkward Money Moments commissioned the online survey of more than 2,000 U.S. adults, asking consumers what their most awkward money moment was.

1. Having a credit card declined – 41 percent
More than two out of five respondents said that having a credit card declined was the most awkward money moment. Hasn't this happened to everyone...and I feel everyone in line behind me are thinking what a deadbeat!  But since I use my debit card and check my balance on my mobile app daily I know exactly how much money I have.  So why my debit card is declined remains a mystery.  But usually the advice from the cashier is to run it as credit and behold, the purchase is approved!

2. Feeling pressured to donate to a charity – 34 percent
Another biggie for me; especially around the holidays. I go to the grocery store and department stores quite often and occasionally donate to the red kettle, bell-ringing charity and even been known to buy a box of unneeded Girl Scot cookies but I can't afford to donate EVERY SINGLE TRIP TO THE STORE.  yet I feel ashamed for not digging in my wallet!

3. Saying no to giving money to a panhandler – 29 percent
OK different feelings on this one.  First, I donate to organizations that help the homeless and disadvantaged but individual panhandlers?  No way.  You can usually spot out the "fake" ones.  In my experiences you can usually spot homeless people by the way they are dressed.  Ill-fitting, dirty and foul-smelling clothing, extremely dirty and are not well groomed.  Take a look next time you see a panhandler.  I've seen some with watches, MP3 players and cigarettes!  Obviously desperate and hungry people wouldn't have a spare cash for smokes (after all I quit, so can you),. Take notice next time you see a panhandler, if they are clean, groomed and accessorized they probably aren't homeless or poor rather their job is to beg for money or to feed a drug or alcohol addiction.

4. Feeling pressured to chip in on a group gift at work – 25 percent
I usually have no problem chipping in a couple bucks for an office gift.  However sometimes I am just flat broke.  Around the KTK offices, this isn't a big deal but I can see how this can make you feel awkward. 

5. Sharing salary/wage amounts with co-workers – 25 percent
Really?!?  If you are bold enough to share your salary with everyone then be prepared for the wrath that will eventually come.  The 'poor' salary the company pays you is probably more than many of your co-workers make.  Be happy to have a job and respect your co-workers by keeping that information to yourself.

6. Splitting a dinner bill or check with a large group of people – 17 percent
Isn't a biggie for me but I can understand how awkward this can be when the person who ordered 3 margaritas and you had water wants to split the check in half!

7. Figuring out a gift to get a partner for special occasions – 14 percent
Again, this is another awkward money moment that I don’t understand.

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05/02/2013 5:27AM
Most Awkward Money Moments
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