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New Bill Would End National Do Not Call List

Happy Friday!  A disturbing piece of legislation was being introduced to Congress this week that would lift the ban on unsolicited phone sales calls.  Yet another reason why Lobbyists should be banned, two phone companies with the help of a former Congressman-turned-Lobbyist say a 2000 law to end cold calls to customers and create a "Do Not Call" list hampers their ability to market new services to new customers.  The House State Affairs Committee introduced the bill Thursday and sent it to the Business Committee for review. Lobbyist and former Idaho Rep. Jim Clark says the bill gives customers the ability to opt-out from solicitation calls.  But isn't that what the Do Not Call list already does?  So what's the push to revoke the list just to make another one?!?!?  Sounds like a waste of time and tax dollars to me.
-Chris Malone

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01/25/2013 5:51AM
New Bill Would End National Do Not Call List
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02/06/2013 8:13PM
It's a failure...
The list doesn't work anyway, so why not use that funding for something productive? I'm actually ready to smash my phone into little pieces due to the 'lower your credit card rate' jerks have called almost daily for 6 years.
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