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Smart Bra Detects Breast Cancer

This could be a game changer in the battle against breast cancer.  A new “smart” sports-bra styled brassiere can detect cell mutations in the breasts up to six years before they might be picked up by a traditional mammogram, says the company behind the bra.
Dubbed the “First Warning System,” the device contains 16 small sensors that monitor heat patterns and the shape of the breast to track minute changes in temperature caused by the growth of blood vessels. The bra’s computer then compares deep tissue abnormalities picked up with its sensors to bioinformatic profiles of cancerous tissues, which the company says allows them to deliver a detection alert with up to 90 percent accuracy.

Remarkably, the bra is so sensitive that it can detect tumors that have only been developing for a few years. Mammograms are unable to detect tumors that young.

The company, First Warning Systems, has yet to release clinical trial data for the device that has been in the works for decades, but it is currently in its fourth and final clinical trial. They hope to have FDA approval and get the bra on the market within a year.

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03/20/2013 5:23AM
Smart Bra Detects Breast Cancer
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