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Posts from April 2013

Ramen: The most popular food in the Universe?

Instant Noodle Sales 2012: 100 Billion Units Sold Last Year, Says World Instant Noodle Association

Instant noodles: They're cheap, easy to make and even sometimes tasty. They come in all sorts of synthetically-delicious flavours like "beef", "chicken" and "vegetable." Or at least that's what's written on the small powder packets that come with them.

But the business of the strings is ridiculous. Instant noodles sales cleared the 100 billion mark last year, according to AFP, and China alone accounts for 44 billion units sold. Canada is in 24th place in the top 42 noodle-devouring countries.

Click here for some pretty crazy ramen recipes:


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Thrifty Tuesday: If you want your kids to save their money, they need to EARN it

Have pocket money, won’t save

Children who are given pocket money become poor savers, according to research which casts doubt on the wisdom of parental generosity, at least in terms of shaping a youngster's financial rectitude.

Academics asked children about their income and outgoings, and found that those who were given a weekly sum free by their parents were less likely than those with a part-time job to put money aside.

The ability to save - or nor - tended to remain the same in early adulthood, the researchers found.

Read it all here.
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Thrifty Tuesday: Sell your stuff online, and avoid scammers

What does a Craigslist Scam look like, and What to Do about It?

Some users spend years on craigslist, selling and buying many great things, without ever running across a single scam.
Unfortunately, there is also quite a bit of fraud activity going on on Craigslist.

The good news is that these frauds operate on the same scenario, and can be avoided by always dealing locally.
In this article, we'll look into classic scams, and review ways of dealing with them.

Most often, scam victims are users new to Craigslist, but veterans do get trapped sometimes as well.
If you research the Internet on the subject of "Craigslist scams", you'll find that while the subject and content may differ, most scams follow very similar scenario.

Read them here.
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Help us STOP! Children's Cancer!

Check out these fantastic items we are auctioning to support Stop Children's Cancer!

Get your bids in now! Bidding ends promptly at 8:30 this morning!

We have 200 limited edition, signed copies of Chris Wells' cook book, which contains 16 of Chris's tried and true personal recipes. You can get your copy for a $100.00 tax deductible donation!

Sister Hazel autographed guitar! Starting bid is $175.00.

Autographed Tim Tebow Jets football!  Bidding starts at $150.00!

Autographed Time Tebow New York Jets mounted photograph, authenticated. Starting bid is $150.00!

Signed Tim Tebow Gator photograph, Gators vs. Ohio State National Championship Game, authenticated. Bidding starts at $150.00.

Gourmet four course dinner for eight, with wines paired at each course, hosted by Storm and Chris. Bidding starts at $200.00!
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Let's Cook up a Cure for Children's Cancer!

Kentucky Bourbon Chocolate Pecan Pie, Macaroni & Cheese, and Fried Chicken, Oh My!

Please support Stop Children's Cancer, a local organization that is responsible for contributing nearly $4 million to the University of Florida College of Medicine in support of their mission to prevent, control, and cure children's cancers.

Chris Wells has assembled a cook book with a few of her favorite personal recipes. We have 200 limited edition, signed copies that are available for a $100.00 donation. 100% of every donation stays local and will fund research scholars, and research equipment, for the Divisions of Pediatric Hematology/ Oncology and Pediatric Neuro-Oncology at the University of Florida College of Medicine.

Included in the book are recipes for her famous (and most often requested) Macaroni & Cheese, Key Lime Pie, Kentucky Bourbon Chocolate Pecan Pie, Burgundy Beans & Rice, Cranberry Walnut Christmas Cookies, Crispy Fried Chicken, Turkey Veggie Meatloaf, New Year's Black Eye Peas, Super Bowl Chili, Fruit & Veggie Muffins, and the Best Pasta Sauce on Earth (among others).

To receive your signed, limited edition copy of the book, please make your pledge of $100.00 today. You can email your pledge to Chris at, or you can contact the offices of Stop Children's Cancer directly by phone:  352-377-2622,or by email: Once your pledge is fulfilled, they will mail you your cook book or make arrangements for you to pick it up.
If you could share this link with your friends to help get the word out, it would also be deeply appreciated. Thank you so much! ♥
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Thrifty Tuesday: Yes, MORE credit card fees!

Will you pay more to use your credit card?

A recent court settlement now allows stores to nick you an extra 1% to 4% whenever you use a credit card.

That would offset the fees retailers must pay to card issuers when you pay by swipe.

Time to scrutinize your receipts? Maybe not yet.

Credit card surcharges are already illegal in 10 states, and similar laws are in the works in another 19. And many stores aren't interested in adding the charge -- it's just one part of a complicated legal deal in a class-action suit.

Read it all here.



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Interesting Distracted Driving Survey

Drivers Know Cellphone Use Dangerous, but Drive and Phone Anyway

A survey released today by the U.S. Department of Transportation's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that while most drivers understood the dangers of using electronic devices while behind the wheel, a large percentage used them anyway.

According to the survey, released as part of the NHTSA's recognition of April as National Distracted Driving Awareness Month, approximately 660,000 drivers used cellphones or manipulated electronic devices while driving during daylight hours, numbers that have held steady since 2010.

While fiddling with a stereo or iPod is dangerous and distracting while driving, according to the NHTSA, texting and hand-held cellphone use were considered more dangerous and have garnered more attention from recent surveys and studies.

The NHTSA survey also found that 74 percent of drivers support a ban on hand-held cellphone use, while 94 percent believe texting while driving should be outlawed. On average, these drivers believed the fines for these offenses should be at least $200, according to the report.

Read it all here.

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Thrifty Tuesday: Protect your social security number!

5 Places Where You Should Never Give Your Social Security Number

Your identity is your biggest asset, and your Social Security number is the key to your personal kingdom. With it an identity thief can wreak havoc, hijacking your old credit accounts, establishing new ones, buying cars and houses, committing crimes, even obtaining medical products and services while pretending to be you, endangering not just your credit and your reputation, but also your life.

Consumers whose Social Security numbers are exposed in a data breach are five times more likely to become fraud victims than those who aren’t, according to the latest identity fraud report by Javelin Strategy & Research.

Just say no.

For better or worse, you are the gatekeeper. The person most responsible for shielding your Social Security Number is you. Therefore, your mission is to limit, as best you can, the universe of those who gain access to it.

Here’s a short list of companies and organizations that have absolutely no business requesting your Social Security number:

Read it all here!
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