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Recently, Chris Malone changed his schedule from 3pm- 7pm  to 5am-10 am and now can be heard with Storm Roberts and Janie Pope weekday mornings.  Some still say he's still quite possibly the best voice you will hear all day!

Take Your Dog to Work Day Is Friday

I went to see Man of Steel over the weekend and all I can say is...WOW!  The story line is completely different and it was a pleasant surprise.  It is much more of an action-adventure film with lots of special effects.  Defiantly a more violet movie but it does keep you on the edge of your seat.  I recommend it but not for little kids.
-Chris Malone

Did you know that Friday, June 21, is the official Take Your Dog to Work Day?  While there are numerous benefits to having your favorite furry companion alongside you as you work, there are also some challenges to overcome if you bring your dog to work with you. How you and your company address these challenges can make the difference between a successful Take Your Dog to Work Day event and a disastrous one.

1. Coworkers who are allergic to dogs
What do you do if you want to take your lovely lab to work with you but you have coworkers who are allergic to dogs? Your best bet is to make sure your pooch is freshly bathed and keep him out of your coworker’s area. At the end of the day, make sure you or the office’s janitorial staff thoroughly cleans all areas that your dog visited.

2. Coworkers who are afraid of dogs
If you have a coworker who is afraid of dogs, make sure you keep your pet away from him for the entire day. Also, never leave your dog unattended. The last thing a fearful coworker needs is an encounter with an unaccompanied dog, no matter how friendly the dog is.

3. Your dog doesn’t like your office
You have your dog ready to go on a little trip; you are excited about the day and can’t wait to show off your four-legged best friend, but when you show up at work, he tucks his tails and refuses to walk into the building. Even the most outgoing and adventurous dog may decide that he doesn’t like the office.

The last thing you want is a fearful and needy dog at work with you – it isn’t good for your dog and it isn’t good for your productivity. If you can take your dog to the office before the official Take Your Dog to Work Day for a test run, do it. If not, bring a favorite toy and maybe even his dog bed. A little bit of home may be all that he needs to feel comfortable at your office.

4. Potty accidents
Dogs have potty accidents, and even the most well trained pooch may have an oops in a new place. As his owner, you need to keep an eye on your dog, and if he’s giving off any of his ‘I have to go potty’ queues, then you need to get outside pronto. Another way to prevent an office accident is to be proactive and take your dog outside more often than you normally would. While an accident may not be a big deal to you, it can be alarming to someone who doesn’t own pets.

5. Distractions
Let’s face it, a cute dog in the office is going to be a distraction; both to those who love dogs and those who wish Take Your Dog to Work Day didn’t exist. Do what you can to minimize distractions to both yourself and your coworkers. Taking a 3-month-old puppy to work might not be the brightest idea, but a well-trained 6-month-old puppy might be fine.

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06/17/2013 5:23AM
Take Your Dog to Work Day Is Friday
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