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Chris Malone

Recently, Chris Malone changed his schedule from 3pm- 7pm  to 5am-10 am and now can be heard with Storm Roberts and Janie Pope weekday mornings.  Some still say he's still quite possibly the best voice you will hear all day!

The Best Time Of The Day For You

Back to work Monday after a wonderful holiday weekend!  MY cousin from South Carolina came down and we wrapped up the weekend with a trip to one of the theme parks in Orlando it was the first full day in quite a while where it didn't rain!
I found this bit of information that I though was interesting.   Whether you stay up to all hours or awaken with the birds, your favorite time of day reveals plenty about your personality. "These hours of the day when you're firing on all cylinders definitely influence your behavior," says clinical psychologist Mike Marsh. This is what your best time of the day reveals about you:

You always wake up before the alarm sounds.
Your day usually runs from 6am to 10pm. You generally need a midafternoon nap to boost your energy level. You're an early bird who's up and alert the moment your open your eyes. Your sunny disposition, you usually wake with a smile, makes you popular with friends and colleagues. You also have a shrewd mind and methodically analyze difficult problems to systematically arrive at the perfect solution. But despite your people pleasing demeanor, you tend to be a solitary person when it comes to work. You prefer to handle tasks both on the job and at home on your own because peace and quiet gets your creative juices flowing.

You're ready to hit the sheets right after prime time shows end.
You easily acclimate to dramatic changes in your schedule. You're up by 8am and snoozing by midnight. Practically nothing this side of an atom bomb can crack your cool, calm and competent self. You have the wisdom to know some things will never change and going with the flow can also be a means to achieving your desires. Your flexibility makes you a productive team member. You are open to new ideas and places, dreaming of escaping the humdrum to experience the excitement of the unknown. You're in your glory when given the opportunity to widen your knowledge and appreciation of the world.

You like to sleep until at least 9am.
You're often filled with the vitality to work on projects in the evening. Your energy and activities rarely end before 9pm. Just when many people are slowing down, you come to life after the sun sets. This streak of independence from the norm makes you an excellent candidate for a job that requires little supervision. Your brain additivity is markedly increased in the evening, stimulating your intellect and igniting incredibly fresh ideas. Your natural internal rhythm may be at odds with most of the world, but you simply have more spark once the sun goes down. Your ability to accomplish many goals at night puts you ahead of the daylight pack.

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07/08/2013 4:33AM
The Best Time Of The Daqy For You
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