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What would make you unfriend someone on Facebook?

Study says there are real life consequences to unfriending someone on Facebook

"Unfriend" someone on Facebook whose posts you find annoying? A new study finds that that person may avoid you, forever.
Why would you unfriend someone on Facebook?
Stop it! I don't want to hear about your politics or your religion!
( 61% )
All I EVER see in my news feed your stuff. Quit posting so much!
( 33% )
"Dinner." "Snuggle time with my cat!" "Bedtime!" Ugh. You are boring me to death
( 6% )
We're not dating anymore and you're dead to me.
( 0% )
I never unfriend ANYONE.
( 0% )

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02/08/2013 7:12AM
Have you ever unfriended someone on Facebook?
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02/08/2013 7:26AM
Get rid of political trolls
the Rightrdia page has clear agenda. There is no interest in debating conservatives on politics or religion. People who cross that line are unfriended or blocked.
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