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Would you be willing to pay additional sales tax for school security?

School Board floats idea of sales tax for safety

Bullet-proof doors and windows, security fencing, surveillance cameras, more armed law enforcement and even pepper spray could be in the cards for Marion County public schools.

And county residents could be asked to pay a sales tax to cover the cost.

The School Board on Thursday directed Superintendent George Tomyn to prepare a comprehensive report on the cost of those measures, all designed to beef up school security in the aftermath of the Connecticut mass shooting.

Read the entire story here.


Tell us what you think!

Would you be willing to pay a 1/2 cent sales tax to improve school security?
( 62% )
( 38% )


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01/04/2013 7:34AM
Would you be willing to pay additional sales tax for school security?
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01/04/2013 8:10AM
History has shown us you cannot stop "crazy". What if the person you arm loses it. It could happen. What if? What if? You cannot live you lives in fear. Look at history. Look at WWII - if people weren't brave, if they didn't carry-on during all the bombings - what would have happened? Look at the middle east, at Israel and Palestine - they deal with worse every day and yet they carry on. Yes, it was awful what happened, but it didn't happen in Florida. It shouldn't be personally affecting us because I'm pretty sure most of us didn't know the families personally. That's what's wrong with a 24-hour news cycle. There are enough worries for each day. What do children think when they see armed guards in their schools? I cannot imagine. Children are way more resiliant than adults. Those that were actually there... sure they would need counseling. Thousands of miles away? I don't think so. All I can say is "Buck Up America" We are stronger than that.
01/04/2013 8:17AM
Yes I would Pay the 1/2 Cent Tax
I am wavering on the Fence and pepper spray items but I think that more faculty awareness and keeping an eye on who comes in & out of the school grounds is most important. People willing to question and step up would help the most. Instead of police roaming the grounds. Trained security guard who is allow to use force would be more effecient because their mind would be on "that's their job". Some Police would most likely say, "I should be out there doing real police work then being at the school".
01/04/2013 9:36AM
Is it enough safety?
I would be willing to pay extra to beef up security, of course, but I wonder if these are the right security measures. Pepper spay and video surveillance won't stop a armed gunman. Our school is fenced, and the only way to get in is the front office, however, anyone can walk into that office. Maybe something like a buzzer that the front office uses to buzz you in. They need to see you, and if they know you, they buzz you in. If they don't know you, they can call the resource officer over, or the guard to check you in. Just a thought.
01/04/2013 11:10AM
Great comments!
All very thoughtful comments here. Regarding the door buzzer to let people in at the front office: they have a system like this at the elementary school where my children went. I think it's a great idea and I always appreciated that they had something like that so people couldn't just go marching into the school (at least using the route through the front door, anyway). ~Chris Wells
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