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Yawning May Be A Good Sign For Your Relatonship

Do you yawn right after your partner yawns? Researchers say the faster your partner yawns back at you, the healthier your relationship is. One scientist claims that humans don't pick up contagious yawning until they reach age four or five because certain parts of the brain need to develop, namely the parts related to social skills and empathy. This scientist says he wonders "if you could tell someone was falling out of love with you by the timing of their yawn delay." Previous research has revealed that people yawn more quickly after an acquaintance yawns then when a stranger yawns, and that the more familiar and attached a person is to the yawner the more likely he or she will return the yawn quickly. (Daily Mail)

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03/31/2014 4:45AM
Yawning May Be A Good Sign For Your Relatonship
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