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Say What?!?!


Storm, Kristin and Chris give you a chance to win fantastic prizes with "Say What?!" One trivia question.  Three possible answers. Match the correct answer to the question and you'll be crowned the new Say What?! Champion!

Contest Date Range: Friday, Feb 10th 2017 11:15am - end date to be announced.

For the Say What Contest,  98.5 KTK staff member will solicit players via on-air announcement on the day the contest is being held.  Once contestant is randomly selected to play.  Contestant will be asked a trivia question and 3 possible answers for the questions.  One of the answers given is the correct answer.  Contestant must choose the correct answer within 10 seconds of being asked or risk disqualification. The value of the prize varies and will be disclosed to the contestant prior to being selected to play.  Otherwise, 98.5 KTK [WKTK-FM] general contest rules apply and are available by clicking HERE.