The Thousand Dollar Workday Payoff


Autumn is here and it’s the perfect time to fall into money with the Thousand Dollar Workday Payoff! All Cashtober long, you’ll have FOUR chances to win $1,000 cash! Simply listen for keywords weekdays at 7am, 11am 2pm and 5pm. Text it in to 72881 within the first 15 minutes of the hour and you can win $1,000! BOOM! It’s free money all month long! The best part is there’s $80,000 to be won this Cashtober, so why not win your share? You could join the list of local cash winners like Jamie Thomas of Gainesville, Keisha Bell-Brown of Chiefland, Darlene Smith of Williston, Ashley Kennard of Belleview, Maria Serrata of Gainesville and Dina Rodriguez of Ocala and others who have won in this national contest! So don’t miss a chance to win from Cashtober 2nd through Cashtober 27th!

Contest Date Range: Monday, Oct 2nd 2017 12:00am - Saturday, Oct 28th 2017 12:00am