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Friday, June 30th

Why you should avoid snails, fidget spinners are catching Fire and how yo can beat stress eating!  Just some of the topics covered on the 98.5 KTK Morning show that aired Friday, June 30, 2017. 


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Happy Friday. Ticket to game according should know it's not just a Friday Chris Malone as the Friday and on a Saturday and a Sunday in a Monday and Tuesday were back on Wednesday. We've actually. Folded time. There was complete in the wrinkle of time I you know it's kind of like one of these things were talking has for us Mondays is an official working day but we're taking the day off. Because most people are gonna had a often wants them come back for when Dave work in the have another dale. And taking a vacation day form eat right it's not us it's the calendar that's right so you know after playing your cards right. Maybe you're sick Monday yeah you know if you're out gardening though we were talking about this this morning. But I've never had a snail warning before he Sino about the pine bark beetle and there's love bugs and there's. Ticks and Lyme Disease gases now you gotta watch out for snails in your garden because now they have the rat lung worm. Gas so on today show Friday June 30 we talked about this study that says US has done with the college of veterinary medicine along with the hard museum and obviously the picture this thing to it it is just ugly yacht and I guess this from likes of tropical Asia and it's like twenty years though you never hear in this neck of the woods well now made its way to for every wants to go to floor yeah it's actually in electoral count as well as five of the cameras in the states and four other states in the union. There's no human deaths from the rat long warm but it is that kind of dangerous if you do consumed snails. And if you consume animals that consumed sales like frogs in Chris stations. And they're actually been talking about especially if you're on gardening or if you. You know get the lettuce or celery something where it snails can kinda get underneath that if you and a touching him you need washing hands kind of thoroughly. Just because you do run the risk it depending if you have a lot of this particular parasite in your system. He could be you get meningitis. Yeah meningitis type sensors in there even said I'd never seen this before. Maybe wash your salad meant that the bags salas them because a snail could have snuck in there somewhere that's how bad is and I actually had a snail. When we came back from vacation up five feet up on my front or this little guy in a city Judy wood Cisco do what were you going to it's so early sales are up there so your entire snails and tone for higher ground for sure I still maintain a sounds like something you'd get a hogwarts Miller yeah. Which he gets a deep fried bubble gum and quartz I not a no. That's another thing now apparently it's back it was a big in 2011 deep fried bubble gum but now yes there's new recipes for a young and wasn't really bubble gum back and when Taylor was just like the marshmallows and they called a bubble yeah and they collect the essence of bubble gum in it would have been a fan presence is all gonna. I don't know audio wave a stick erratically over a path a path squeezing your reality towel. I'm joined now hope Obama but it is important point out if you do decide to do be deep fried bubble gum that you really should not consume the bubble gum that you can't consume the fried goodness it's around. These degrees out of it yeah where's it that I have a Booth at the county fairs where. Whatever you bring will deep fried for it you know what about. Those lollipops and where their heart on the outside and have the liquid on the inside to get on but they haven't done charged yet we can do it will release or they called charm miracle charms OK remember yeah. But public that. Now Mel you think. Is that now for our help of what my cell phone pat. As for myself on. I'm sure Reggie you have to have enough yet not one whip my fidget about my Phidget Spinner and be okay without pay Friday at four Christen as I guess Jeremy is not limitless and on this when he keeps bringing him home takes. I don't critical element and it just better. Yeah Michaels he had two friends then and I together tonight and like I think there was eleven of them in the house on lake. Our here's our hearts you know if I was a Thomas Edison or or Nicholas Tesla. Imagine if you could create electricity. From all the Phidget spinners yes and power your house imagine if I didn't make electricity or make that. Make them clean up after themselves yet you can take that same energy the energy they are what did you use any means something that's well it's funny you mention the whole electricity think he has a just like the hover boards these things are catching on fire I guess there's some Phidget spinners to have some sort of Bluetooth connectivity I think you had it right with a big time play music that's how I kids the only thing I everything connects to some sort of like a good place now. But I guess because made these Consumer Product Safety Commission is actually investing in two separate incidents one in Michigan won an Alabama where. They were actually charging and they caught on fire not smokes and whatever group were on fire re so they're warning if you have one of these features spinners or something that's really mass marketed very quickly. We've not had a chance to really remember the Samsung galaxy phone how to get right around it caught on fire still on the same lines. Don't charge them unless your presence only use the charge it and it comes with yeah charted a exactly is the instruction I'm looking at one now it's got to if LED lights on it Bluetooth galaxy sparkling finish lithium battery charge Spinner. Be careful if you get them to see yeah it down and I know the kind of in sold. For ADHD. Well that's a big an eight we expect area I'm not sure that that's really scientifically correct. Yes it does is it for people with anxiety and Mitch really it just a Phidget Aaron and I am years well but wait before Phidget spinners. The little cubes that is now akin to this right it helps him. In men selling shirts and just focus on something as I would on something other than how tapping has plague the genius Penn lake it helps him when he is to do homework you would sit there and light click it and spend and my hope it really is. So that's experiences for ASU I via Bluetooth connectivity and LA guns did lights Kelly I failed my guess another little and looks like his legal speaker maybe that yet in place some kind of music there aren't I this is all stressing me out on making a grab candy bars are and a that is something we are a lot of people are are we have which is the stressful eating when learned stressful situation we culled by eating. Here's what happens is when you get stressed out you release that the hormone cortisol. And that elevates your blood sugars and then that's why you start craving sugary foods during those tough times so. What you can do is have some knowledge to know exactly which of bodies doing in maybe you can combative you some nutritional us and experts have said the best thing you can do is do and take a walk when you stressed. Here's why. When your are exercising. You're actually also releasing another hormone called endorphins. Endorphins are the teen Mac daddy of the hormone world it's what your body absolutely wants an exit cataracts your cortisol. So your body ends up burning the cortisol and you feel good because of the the endorphins so instead of reaching for the candy bar. Go out and take a walk to physical activity not only will you feel better but you won't have all that extra food eaten good where remembered is like your game at thrown episode it's like king cortisol. Has been taken over by the endorsement army and there's nothing he can do about as long as there's enough indoor from army king cortisol can't. Can't make well it can't take it in your body if there was game affront we'd kill Indian orphan who just died in the middle of an episode and then don't even talk asked about the red wing. Why I have to take my cues from legally blonde and as Al says yes endorphins make people happy and happy people don't murder. That's good one basket that's wise words I want my. All right so that Europe playing the mega million dollar lottery or the powerball your odds of winning actually went up a tad yeah. Because people and Illinois are no longer allowed to play these Mega Millions or powerball lottery multistate lotteries let's say you did win something in Illinois they still can't pay you back as they all like fourteen and a half billion dollars would pension funds or make the Illinois broke yup they sit at this date has not passed a budget for three years they're going on 700 days. Of not being able to pay your bills let's all that credit card company I know mixed note as to be. The state of Illinois don't answer that I know what it go to voicemail tell tell tell alumna home. So yeah that's actually kind of bad news article and Illinois named same neck on the regular lottery tickets to the surprise over 25000 dollars you're gonna get an Ohio utility at all. Guys on the date that they're supposed to go on to us special session this weekend we'll see if it actually real will on both. Pass a budget to work on this fourteen and have. Billion dollars worth of bills they got to pay. And and finally I you know this CJ ideas out there the and so upset us all the Star Wars trailer while washed wonder women who I'm getting pumped Christmas. Christmas dinner is going to be at the movies yeah I. Unless jet on Christmas release them and so it is sometimes hard to differentiate fact from fiction but let's be real honest. The monopoly board pieces are pretty fictional writes yes so that get out of jail card probably won't teach at a GO rights the right and you can't drive a little car you can drive a little card know a little dog doesn't need one paragraph. Come to find out there was a guy in that Dakota got a Minnesota. Who was had pulled over by deputy Mike by day he apparently had some things sort of attracted infection infraction. And as people worry he read an idea and lo and behold the sky was wanted on warrants so as the guys arrested he can nonchalantly is it over to the deputy and like. And over the scarred he's had in his pockets it was that get out of jail card in monopoly of course it didn't work. Although the Dakota county sheriff's department said hey we're gonna give you an a for effort as you sit in jail there's at least tried. I've bought it several times a random bill serve on his good friend he's the attorney state attorney here for the sake these judicial circuit. And I several times go. Bill kinda get out of jail feel free can help. Area writes on the back of our it doesn't work. But doesn't Wear it doesn't work maybe -- 120000 dollars may do more but that's yeah that's the difference -- so you were to tell me is a monopoly game car this is get out of jail won't get me out of jail yes and if I -- they're not nobody's gonna -- 200 dollars and -- it's gonna be a bank -- my bank has never given me and Aaron I don't know how are on a point out how fabulous Christians nails or this morning because you have but I'm looking on the hand with the wedding ring you have a beautiful wedding ring Yankee pitcher sparkly nails are fabulous think -- who really are they order from last night's events will tell Tony -- I wanna know more the word just for our ballot event that we there was but how do you animal spark that would polish. Okay. Storm's gonna be look at your answer is always going to be calling you Mike so far whereby nail polish or sparkly how much coast. Regulate it and give me your toes asked Mitchell my favorite colors are greater threat. Melissa we hope you enjoy the other recap if you can't catch our show Monday through Friday between now five in ten you missed anything give us the feedback as well were off Monday and Tuesday will be back for win no Wednesday will be wonderful. Chocolate lab mix dog that we're gonna. One not one more thing here from the AAA and I've never seen this before but 45 million Americans are gonna take the road this snow this weekend so. They're saying this is true now law enforcement says. Don't leave pets or kids in the hot cars and they're also warning cross country driver secure any items you have on the cars are rooftop luggage rack I saw several this coming back from North Carolina. Several time for people lost everything so who couple hits right there. Make sure you secure the roof rack Indian kids and pets look at your back on the radio.