7.13.2017- 7.12.17 No Homework for Elementary in Marion County, Chinese bathrooms, Hairy Guys are Sexy, Brain Training Apps, Sad Songs are the Secret to Happiness, Women Should be Allowed to Nap

Thursday, July 13th

We started our morning with good news for Marion County Elementary School kids, Superintendent Heidi Maier made the statement in news that elementary schools will no longer have homework. We also talked about China's effort to clean up their public restroom system with a unique software, how brain training apps don't actually work as intended, why you should listen to sad music to make you happy and why women should be allowed to nap at work! Enjoy.


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Well hello there it's the ninety point 5 Katie came morning show podcast we. Go over a lot of the things we did during the show so you can listen at your leisure I'm storm Roberts and Christen and I Christa Miller here and Chris Malone is taken this week office traveling. With Scott to a Philadelphia yeah well we start out to show this morning. The weather forecast is going to be hot not quite as much rain you know it's it's summertime but yet the rain apparently is coming back this weekend. But the headline was no homework and Marion County elementary schools this next school year exciting school superintendent has said that the parents of Marion county's 20000 elementary school students. Don't have to bug to kids about doing their homework. Our superintendent Heidi Meyer. Said actually yesterday we all know homework mandate to teachers at the 31 elementary schools. For the next school year that's when he 1720 to thirteen school here it she citing some research. That shows a younger kids to a lot better in school when they're given a break in the rigors of the typical school day. It doesn't mean. That there won't be some papers to write like that but. What I like about this instead of homework assignments Mary Carey school kids. And parents will be asked to redo their -- to their elementary school it's a better time spent yeah read for 20 minutes every evening hopefully you're doing that anyway. But just to remind everybody that. Go ahead and do that now for the very early grades to. I love this part of it teachers would give students a prompt bracelet that is due to Wear home it won't get caught in the backpack. And at the end of each day the paper brace who have now owns the represent the maternal that the child learned during the day in and parents can look at the brace and is asked the child about what they learned. I was gonna love that prompts them you have to talk about that yeah I was talking about Jeremy earlier in how when he was. That young yeah he'd come home from school and you're like what did you learn today and you and you look at a doodle he did on his pants with a thought like he'd drawn on his pants that day and I'd like. A Q what did that your teaches today in the cup so it's just I think this encourages such a great dialogue between parents and students iTunes that continue that learning home without. Public yet doesn't stop that's that's for sure now there will be some assignments like science projects research papers that will be signed on occasion. But the daily homework will no longer be part of school and high school students sorry don't get your hopes up because. The superintendent says research shows that ninety minutes of homework in middle school and more in high school. Is important for the kids intellectual growth so yes in order to get them ready for college yeah exactly. I don't moved on to women find Harrier guys sexy. Yeah and I kind of like that right their. Here's what I learned from this is the men and women had the exact same amount of hair follicle the same number of hair a number of hair fall out we're all just Harry but men have different kind here we have stuff. This call terminal here writes that's that big hairy guy but you have to shape but. You ladies have fellas here. Which is like peach Fy -- it's soft and it's beautiful just like you women need. That they say that women like interior man. Because it its shows an indication of health and fitness is testosterone. You know the more testosterone nature says they won't abuse the path. I don't judge either way I do like a man with more. Body hair right right there's a line perhaps a huge fan you know to each their songs you're wearing a sweater or not right this is a great. But you know hey if you have it embraces. This is my favorite stories of the day here was. In in China there having a problem in the public restrooms people are using too much toilet paper. So you talk about modern technology they're using face recognition technology to limit the toilet paper used to hear the deal. They've got machines that like dole out the amount of toilet paper it's like the hand this like the paper towel rolls locked in now a lot of road restaurant stuff now. You get exactly 27 point five inches of toilet paper use no matter what should I and this is your allocation. And if you want more the face recognition technology won't give you anymore toilet paper for nine minutes. Nine minutes in a sit there and Lleyton well in need often literally might have to sneak there aria but I was sick and sometimes I'd only need a little on time let me yeah. I think it's interesting time. Read that article and it's and it's part of their quote. Toilet revolution rush and they you know the people in China are super enthusiastic about tourism and so they're trying to enter this new era there public tourism. And one of the ways that they're doing that as making sure that their public restrooms are in tip top shape. Yeah upgrading those throats they the officials say the technology is cut toilet paper use and half that's crazy and I mean literally but I don't know what clients. Yeah that that's really the total fly the American public about a double my twenties or point five. Tell me about the the other commercial brain training apps that do those brain training apps like Lamas who do they actually work. Date we have we talked earlier about different kinds of brain training apps and if you think they've actually been helping me you may have been folds. When it comes to the brain training part drive the University of Pennsylvania did some research on whether the brain training actually helps curb those impulsive behaviors. They had participants follow Lou mossy brain training schedule they basically dead thirty minutes a day five days a week for ten weeks watches a decent amount time now. And they found that participants had no cognitive difference between there decision making up or general cognitive abilities. Between the first and the lack. Still they testament first and an excessive and now. Ten weeks and and it didn't make any difference is not crazy they do say that. You can how it can help you refrain from smoking overeating which I actually have used these in the past ideas try to distract you shack yeah exact yet so are there there is some benefit to it I like that. I think they're sold noticed it to keep your brain sharp they are they act. What kind of songs you wanna hear on your morning commute to and or any commutes sad songs and the secret to happy commander says here but. What they're talking about his research by Ford Spotify and New York University they say that a lot of you I liked the songs to Pompeo but the sad songs also help. Would happier commute and here's the deal. The songs not the mood boosting power songs whether it's faster slow songs whatever you like. That mood boosting power can last as long as two hours yes. I when I hear a song that I really like that haven't heard in awhile link I find myself singing it later in the day and even remembering like. Like how it made me feel when I first heard it or who have listened to right. My sister and I live across the country Chile as a British Columbia. And I will hear songs that I know she and I have some before together and instantly M brought back to the moment like. Where we did it how funny it was obsessed or something like that so I get it. Mean obviously the sad songs actually make us feel good about ourselves and they remind us of for the it may be difficult experience we've gotten over having a tell so there is some positive to it. And now finally we wrapped it up with the ladies you should be napping at work. Because it says here that the nap after. In the afternoon Lou will actually boost employee production and we talked about this before we be out saying that women need more sleep than men do so women will actually benefit from that little nap when I say NF just twenty minutes you'd any more than twenty minutes. You get what's called sleep inertia and it makes you groggy and it you know it yet if you go too long to go after twenty minutes so. A short nap is is great and you like that idea. I do like that idea I have. That we have these odd hours at the morning show and I'm often times driving home between 2 and 3 o'clock in the afternoon and I've genuinely had to pull over well. Give myself a little slap on the face and say you know you you kind of hit the wall yes but that's playing in an app which often is an unhappy their two way. Yeah usually turn you know you shut your IRA is you get to twenty minutes it just kind of be reflective of a. Blacks you know the other mailing it that is perfect. National French fry day today so make sure you get Joseph French fried. Had a lot of fun and make sure you join us some money through Friday five to ten right here in 98 point five KTK have a great day we'll see you tomorrow.