7.14.17 Man stuck in ATM, Umbrella Startup loses it's umbrellas, Dust causes weight gain, Man loses 32 lbs on ice cream diet, Woman's selfie causes damage, Read the WIFI terms

Friday, July 14th

A man in Corpus Christi, Texas is happy someone took his plea for help seriously as he was stuck inside the ATM, and this umbrella start up company had it's entire inventory taken. We walked about dust being the culprit for those extra pounds, how a man ate only ice cream for 100 days and lost weight, this woman's selfie caused $200,000 worth of damage and how 22,000 people signed up to clean toilets on accident!


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It's the ninety point five KTK morning's show pod cast. And here on AM Friday these are some of the things we went over on the show if you didn't have a chance to. Does it play along with a spits out shark awareness week. And a personnel were always aware starts and then I am we started out talking about began it was stuck inside an eighteen and you would think this could happen. But he's one of the technicians yeah. And he's got a Bank of America branch in corporates Christi Texas yeah. They're asking about this is. In the bank it's a little bit bigger there was actually a little room he went into and in the room. Though the part of the ATM that she put the money end is an NBA teams are actually me outside in the lobby part right the face of it so somebody is we're waiting for their -- the receipt of receipt comes out. And there's a note written on and this says help me I'm stuck in I don't have my phone please call my boss. This guy was stuck inside of the little room now it's secure so he's got to a swipe card proposal magnetic card and not everybody should be able to get an idea makes sense he left discard and his phony in the truck and the door slam behind him. Curious stuck inside this little airless room. Full of money for three for hours stand. You whee was two for the parents who for three hours a police officers that some people saw the note. Pretty much thought it was a joke on am I that's what I would think this thing's got to be a joke and luckily. Some targets series they call for help and the police were really convinced at first either. What are yeah I don't play numb now he's got a great story to tell. What about the time but didn't you get stuck in an elevator. I did I did my own company had badges and you had to scan your badge to get in the elevator. But for some reason when I push the button it just let me in it's I didn't notice that I didn't have my bad childhood but then to get out of the elevator on any floor you have to have your badge. So when the door closed and I pushed a floor wow it would open no matter where alliance because they didn't have my badge to tell it supposed to be here why. I kind of just sat in the elevator for I Paula worrying about fifteen minutes are waiting. For someone that's like an hour I'll it's like an hour days Russian. I'd endowed and Ed tell us about the the umbrella story writer who's this looks great in the brochure that we could have like an umbrella sheer yeah. It's kind of a sad story but you know dealing from your mistakes so this company in China called sharing. They how to start up that I had a great idea. Provide share able. Umbrellas are not a bad idea. He kind of using it like you ran it like city you can use a bike then you return and somebody else yes is okay after three months they had a little bit of a problem because they had about zero. Umbrellas left how many they start width 300000. Okay it. Yes. It was this plan what that it was their business plan basically what happens is you would pay about two dollars and eighty cents for a deposit in many paid seven cents per half hour of use I. But then you don't have to return it purse say there because there's no penalty in not returning it so you're actually paying two dollars and 87 cents for a free number or maybe an umbrella an umbrella yeah right so apparently the site had just didn't provide enough information on how to return the umbrellas so I mean the fault really lies with that with their own you know it. Products. But I think it's a great idea it's one thing you never have when you needed is your umbrella that your always in the car it's always via cell. Make him make get a penalty it's like I saw so somebody you know somebody had taken or seen the mean. It shows a supermarket. Basket you know as soon market cartoon and Sony's turn it into a grill. Yes if I think theater thing was I looked all these has girls for 25 cents. There's only makes you charged. Girls are Richard 25 cents back yeah return your shopping cart very true I the next thing is something that makes you fat we couldn't believe there's a study that comes out of Duke University. That says dust in your home can make you fat let me give you that the chemistry behind yes aren't they took some samples of dust from eleven homes in North Carolina. The samples replaced alongside a mouse cell. That is used to test the development of fat cells okay seven of the dust samples triggered those cells the most cells. To mature and a fat cells and not only that it caused those cells to divide. Which created a larger pool of precursor fat cells grew and if that's sells this is mad so the dust. Alone is causing your precursor fassel's attorney have minions right. To multiply before they become grown up big old fat cells so basically telling Yemen dust all I'm here what to what you're doing is inhaling fat. It's it's like it's not what you wait is that would you draft her now dust because you've been inhaled and ingested or if it's absorbed through your skin. Even minimal exposure. Could cause measurable effect and that's just not fair now I like which you mentioned to me about my dogs though. To cover them in that and honest and does and does is this braced up you spray and you just cloth and it picks up does make them. The dust I think you have six right now as the dogs have you had six Ngo dust bunnies. I thought it's your votes. I have six done that are full of dust and hair and I am about to kick them all out bites the dust makes you fat but how about this the guy the lost 32 pounds on the ice cream diet I don't know value but that sounds miserable well that's what exactly happened to him he's in Loveland Colorado Colorado is name is Anthony lost 32 pounds and ice cream only died and here's with a guy did. He ate ice cream protein shakes and some alcohol he at least he's on just for a hundred days straight over three months straight yes. He says his HDL the good cholesterol went up which is good the LDL bad cholesterol went down that was also good. But he said and I'm quoting now this diet hands down without a doubt. It was the most miserable dying get event guiding adventure I've ever embarked upon I was moody. And just an enjoyable to be around. I seriously think that I would go a little stark raving mad not a chewing on that long maybe so maybe that was part of it may be where's the fiber in this. I'd and then I tell us about the woman in the art exhibit in Los Angeles high and watch this video it SI it's your pains our website right now guys on our website I genuinely feel her pain as a huge proponent of self fees yeah. So this woman was in. Art museum in Los Angeles and that she was taking self eat in front of this really meticulously placed art exhibit. And these were sculptures and Iraq have pedestals are and and then in the pedestals there at all been like ten pedestals in a row and in their sculptures are on top the putt. Yes perfectly placed pedestals. Will during herself seat she accidentally knocked into one right which knocked into ten. We would like a domino like a domino effect and unfortunately there where three permanently damage sculptures of the ten. But you're just you're watching the healing your so engrossed like nothing's gonna happen nothing's gonna happen and then all of a sudden it just goes lake. And you see everybody else around her looking at everything that does happen and then this one guy comes in holding his head. All met a and you just like. I wanna see this LP of her there expression when she realizes what she did Jack that's the cell if you wanna like yourself and did we put a self be online today in the Al we did you do you should I check out our self yeah. We're experimenting with her little luck ours ourself we text here. But you log on their free Wi-Fi quite often right move and it's got those terms and conditions on and you hit except in an eagle on what your free public Wi-Fi and a well there result Wi-Fi provider name purple. And they wanted to teach users a lesson about these terms and conditions that we all agree to without reading. So the edifice birth term to the terms and conditions on the network hotspots so when you agreed that term when you hit agree. You were unwittingly agreeing to perform. Community service in the form of its side jumped to clean portable toilets hugs stray cats and paint snail shells and I mean that sounds like some decent community service with the exception of the toilets that it took two weeks before one eagle eyes person actually found this in terms of munitions I think that is really funny now they're not gonna hold anybody to a bigger government tried its its good show you a little bit the level lesson right there I wanna still be of some entertaining us snail's shell. All right well that's our our show for today to make sure you tune in Monday through Friday. Five to ten if you caddie and always get us on our podcast and Monday morning the cash is back the thousand dollar workday pay off less than Bob by I eighty.