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Friday, August 11th

The 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Friday, August 11, 2017.


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Morning afternoon or evening when every listening to us this is the KTU morning show podcast recap for Friday August 11. Right. Yes it is a fri day we're talking over or talk about a story early but I just wanna catch discuss. It was kind of freshman minded from Kristen she's half Canadian yet so we'll Canadian mom know you're off your are your American now aren't you know. But you live in America yes you have to you guys I was born and she was born in Canada I'm happy I had my dad. Was was a born in the US and it makes me have committed I gotcha I gotcha there but you pay taxes right. After American. Anyways I'm just trying to figure out three of birth was he was yeah Canadian. But we're talking about a driving and whatever but yes I have that the idea and it's the metric system there are so fitness. You heard there was a Canadian show you turned me onto about the worst drivers and it's Canada's worst kind of add it to me awhile because it was like the speed limits eighty there like oh my slalom like AP that's awfully fast and doing a Solomon then I realized it's club owners. Miles per hour but yet. I have pulled over or for the very first time in Canada the only time because I was going. Miles per hour in my American car than Ager about drove up there and I was kilometers. And today she's ticket. Better who missed. Well this morning on the show we when a bird that the bumps in the ninety gee here's sometimes. You wonder what it is what's going on. Happened to a couple in Inglewood just outside of Sarasota at odds for years they've been noticing that there's been sounds up in the attic may just assumed it was a mouse or. Squirrel or something like that but finally last week. And I went up into the active. To find out what was going on up there he was shocked to find out there was a six foot slithering snake in the attic. Boa constrictor somehow got in there. He's the best article animal control trying to figure like hey can you send someone over to get the snaked elect. Something better for once just turn it at the dry Iran. The heat from the tribal exhaust through the through the exhaust system and that goes a bit here addicts of their four distinction be drawn to the heat. And I'm thinking it's Florida 140 degrees up there. I don't I think probably it'll be cool or around the irons. I think it's so anyways after four days they found they got a snake charmer are handler to come and remove ready to hit took him over an hour to Whittle the snake out. I had beaten a lot of mice in the end whatever it was this guy he was six foot long you know they insisted they think that he was up there for a lot about four years based on all the and this candidate had Chad hall and check and they figured it was a pet that had escaped or somebody had let him go and then he somehow climbed into the afternoon and Kristen has a little nickname for snakes recalled yeah no ropes no help rope and then is just a giant. Ball of no no no no no no no no no I'm. All right let's say that he he didn't have any mice in his attic though that I assure you that that's kind of the thing that's funny thing now now you probably will have reminds agents at stuff like that. Ladies if you are expected mother and you know getting a good night's sleep that could be a problem if you've been diagnosed with with the sleeping disorder like insomnia or sleep apnea. You're more likely to deliver your birth baby prematurely a wonder why that is I he I'd maybe it's a stress on the body and so on Tuesday I think the stress of the insomnia and it already gives you such horrible side effects mean now the risk of baby. Yeah this report said that to women that were diagnosed with insomnia wrist having of their preterm bearers are preterm baby by 30% increase why the F sleep apnea it's a 40% increase that's a lot rights and what they're doing is we're trying to find new ways to are curtail premature births and done this might be useful information especially. He had a sleeping disorder in your thinking about becoming pregnant. He might wanna talk to your doctor says sort of asleep lemon in their other are fixes for this economic C path less your available viable cure apnea you know if it like I've been where and when for years it Rex who works and you guy you did coming redoing that have been saying no couple sleep labs in you how much better you like our. It's lead you wouldn't lays I was waking up like thirty times and are not. Fully awake but getting out Rem sleep you get a good as you could breathe and anybody goes a break in robbery that it it. The head hidden so what is the most beautiful part of your face all thank you all this set possess those as a study its in this study and men and women we finally angry and something it's the I at all. I would agree with that there and it's the window to your soul BS indeed in this what was kind of instinct that's what men and women agreed on but they've been ranked it the second most have been a beautiful feature a little bit different for. Men viewing women eyes were first followed by the whole face itself of this of symmetry in all the good stuff. Women dealing men bound eyes on top followed by hair. Long lots of beautiful hair for a loop. And then those 3 o'clock care. OK you know it's earlier flowing locks there were network talk about the most beautiful part of the body and they just isolated to the face out. Answer that's always true that you only notice the face first both speeches were also touched for women observing other women which would be eyes and hair and also man and observing other men Eisen hair so its its its hair Indy. Yeah I would love LA here you got a guy I'm actually noticed that likes let's say woman's walking away from me. I'm not noticing benefits now now probably not as it just me ironically enough they were saying the least important features on the face lips and nose is the two things she go to the cosmetic and about yeah it. They are we selling yeah. Not only that late I think the amount of money I spend a lipstick is absurd when you don't need to because snatched doesn't care pressure no applicant and it doesn't it doesn't it's actually for use though I mean they're really as a golfer but on a little bit lifted go to feel brother pretty pretty princess. Absolutely horrific this was an interesting signed that we had and has to do with air being because just like Hoover it allows all of us in essence to make a little extra money with renting out a room all right your house side to guest Alec a hotel. And after air being beat got to get registered through them but they have kind of like a payment calculator so they can tell you. All right hearing gains earlier in Ocala charged in this moisture recharging this amounts for for the city has been here it's it's not really specific and that's where these guys they don't ask you like questions like how many bedrooms a bathroom just down there every NBA they discard the pull a number of the year I guess a check this web set outsold delegates in need dot com that's Elliott eight in the dot com it's a bunch of guys they have do nothing but get data and our statisticians. And they go deeper into the air be Indian model sells let's take for instance if your renting a house here in the heart of Florida. Bert excuse me. For 260 dollars a night per person is that that's what they're being be recommend that's -- BMB recommends however if you wanna get to jump on the other people you probably want to drop their price a little bit who. They say it's more competitive based on your number of of Britain should have a number of bathrooms you location. That perhaps you can get away with a 168 dollars and the timing hero thing yes that's the other cool part about that is that it gets even better than that it will tell you. Suggested price increases liking Gainsville in the month of October when Gator football as playing and we could Jack up that went 68 to 272. When Florida State comes to town so and then even better than that it will even alert you with an email to say hey you need to lower our increase your prices based on the people around you. And you can look and see what other air beam b.s in your neighborhood or charging so you can be very competitive. Awesome I love it manually air BBA county you can I guess you set your own price for their beehive and managers see you can still see Euro price for the idea lines are so very good website to check out Eliot in the dot com. All right it's not president I have first born storms that may be in the family that's right so we got this whole thing storms driven grown up in the limelight of the first born which can do no wrong answers more of a shadow all right. I don't I'd I'd I'd lapped him years ago well there's one there's one thing and bad younger children younger siblings do better than their older one and that's drive according to this insurance study of thirteen hundred motorists they found B. Eldest born 89%. Drives. Speed. More than the younger siblings. They are more likely to cut off drivers and hog the middle road than their younger siblings who. However they did say that's the younger sibling is the safest driver out of the family and then it goes up from there are a few of the middle you're the second set. Safest. And if you're an only child apparently drive editor and everybody. Biggest excuses for bad driving it depends on the birth herder as well with the middle Ing youngest child. Most likely saying blaming other drivers for their. Shortcomings. While the eldest children and say well I have a good reason to speeder drive reckless I'm I'm late to or I and you get somewhere so the oldest one thinks there are more important everybody else is on late go my way right and the youngest ones used to blaming bush you'll is blaming any other art in its own business of networks aren't that's sort of little pop psychology and mom my brother's older and he's a terrible driver out and he need to be taught me to drive and he's just he's terrible well apparently took all the knowledge he needing just kind of gave it to you are so I actually believed him and I'd I'd I still drive like that and I'll let you know I actually keep distance between the front car in front of me depending on how fast I'm going all those little things. And I use that little stick that's on the left hand side of my steering well yes I use that just tell people which which all they know I think that new options outlined I think some people called it clicker to be thinker a team and use your hazards in the rain absolutely and help all I'm parked on you know you're not yeah I mean I was your morons now on order and Fuller -- dollars and yes. You know but that's really interesting I didn't have knows that it's more out of state people that do that the flash or because they're not used to the heavy downpours and here except so I've noticed that the new the marquee that the talk about you know of the award about traffic accident on our. I do notice the warning saying that when it's raining do not drive with your hazard lights yeah and Lester for a lot more it's a war Pulitzer on the side of the road near you know they insist on driving the just turn on your headlights would be happy to just turn on your headlights for your slasher and a range put on your headlights yeah a lot of cars have automatic there in my mind don't do all of automatically and let's see and finally we talked about a one woman's purse bursting into flames at a City Council meeting. For people the working government handle or get attention that's all right we'll call and get a second amateur at your purse gets fired goes out there in Boulder City, Nevada they're when the middle of the City Council meeting and they had to stop when somebody who's a member of the city or. A citizen of the city. Their purse burst into flames. Caught her shirt on fire. Come to find out as well those batteries in those electronic cigarettes. And the funny thing was the police other fire chief was there doused the flames so. He apparently has shown a City Council hey you need me on the good tire Syria and what I know and I told to smoke it's bad you're up a. There's so much flammable stuff in ladies' purses and shocked this hasn't happened sooner trailing yes besides hairspray Al besides hairspray I mean I've got. A plethora of liquids in my purse right now it is a perfume or maybe if they nightmarish solve any kind of aerosol cans aluminum like can't sanitize or because as oh yeah yes you know deodorant and I have Alia and everything while. As fast or knowing you gonna get stuck somewhere and you need to freshen up or her. Extra pretty true open thinking I'd listen thanks must assume store the listening to the podcast were on the air Monday through Friday from five to ten on 90 point 5 asked am in the Gainesville Ocala area. Talk to manic Monday morning but by.