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Thursday, August 3rd

The 98.5 KTK Recap for Thursday, August 3, 2017 includes stories about being extra nice at work can make you happier, is food that has a hair in it safe to eat and counterfeit solar eclipse glasses.


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Hey good morning it's a day Tuesday morning show recap for Thursday August 13 in the August honestly then it might not be morning MIP afternoon might be giving might be the middle of the night were here all the time for an open I just I'm shocked it's obviously story Wendy scintilla Labor Day yeah I used to batter earlier and I actually didn't have words cousin does that mean it Labor Day. Yeah is like that kick off of the rest of holidays. Yes there's just run McQuarters let's see this kind of the last a weekend for many kids. Summer because school starts for her ever about electric Tony yeah on Thursday actually as a robredo then today a lesser honey we'll start the a week from Monday but tomorrow our Friday through Sunday is that tax free weekend for school supplies attorney very good. I'm maybe the only school supplies and while the stories we covered here today. You're looking Torre world. Career change might wanna become the planetary protection officer for Nassau you know what I was flop that was interesting this this this job's been around since like 1967. And I've never heard of the planetary protection officer. And you're pointing out every headline we've seen on this story wrong crop back up again. It's wrong it's like protecting earth from asteroids and no it's protecting the other people from our garbage in our diseases yet so the other planets imagine back in 67 that was before we landed on the moon and SpaceX bush was kind of knew we were sending probes out bright and so wagered stuff like that basically the planetary protection officer according to the job description on NASA. It makes sure that when we send items like to Mars it doesn't have contaminants of earth on it we wash her hands before resent it because we don't want to you know. Change the amino molecular canal that you know it's gonna like we need the money and introduce our microbes and are diseases to someone else yes let them get their own microbes and diseases so that's how that works you get to jet around the world to make sure all the other countries are partners that are part of this treaty are being part of it. Candidates have to have at least two years worth of high school or other high level government job experience. And extensive knowledge of planetary protection I think we covered that. I have to disagree in fiscal signs engineering or mathematics. I'm out. A man and that's pretty good though he 1011000. Per year and Danny's going to get to travel the world. Moved by that I uniform more than a territory to the uniform I want. The with a everybody on earth you know when he and we watch a Star Trek early space movies yet they go to a plan to raise kind of has uniform BS our uniforms are jumpsuit white boots. Tse and more of those like Daft Punk helmets like a crawl motorcycle helmet. With a big EU writer being green. Vonage is not the Red Shirts because those that are unwell and us are true no merit no number come back. You know it's it's it's a it's a sobering statistic is right now in the mist of our our role to the role the cancer to curb campaign would WCA waste corporation in an Angel and likes what county. If you go to our website you can actually enter to win that one of these pink garbage cans and for fifty dollars you can rent one for an entire year. And then did BCA won't take it fifty dollars and donated to making strides against breast cancer well they have seniors who are making a donation and you're getting this really cool paint cannon. My whole idea out of my whole neighbor ever in the neighborhood have a pink camel the curve you know turn their neighborhoods pink and this and it and it's it's it's very scary is one in eight women will have some sort of breast cancer in their lifetime in the hands that is meant as many women's and women is that it is. I am when we're talking about it's they survivor rates going up. There's not a lot of bras that are out there that are. Sensitive to you know women have a mastectomies or your tumors removed. So that has led a company to that to make the empower broads is specifically made for women. Who have had surgery on the breast it's made immaterial that is designed to be a sensitive to the scar tissue. As a front zipper closure removable straps that you can change to fit. And it has special pockets and expand to adjust to make room for post surgery implants if you need to Christie know this company ethic athletic. Asked what I bought quite a few of their sports bra and their very supportive and not exactly the most expensive even buying but I mean to see that this is only 54 dollars certain and has so many. But it's just column amended do you think yes it's great to see that because honestly I mean you paid. Upwards of 7500 dollars for a really good supportive it's. Ports bra no way and yet elegant and expensive only. Is it a bit odd is it worth every penny it's. You know pentium empower EM EM POW or empower brought down be available starting September of this year Togo. All right so you get that food from the kitchen it's got a hair and it didn't lose the what he did decent battery just eater on the hair so going to burn it down burning carrying burning it down yet are right so it's what does science say here's what science says gas John Tyler just. Mental enough yes it's a tough. He means Astro and neurologist that that that's what it that's exactly throw it in and Eric grant they sit there is no harm in eating around the Harry being removing it in eating the portion of it and here's why this elicits an entire head of hair if you're not a lot of guys. Can't say anything her or you know whatever waiter there's awakened by just hit a visit to pay it I thought I thought here's what's really even more preview and that the amino acids that makes our here's a silky and strong yeah. Is also used as say an additive. In our food that we eat to preserve it so probably the food you're eating. Already has human hair and what he's got the amino acid that is same thing is they're right yes and chicken feather well here today is yes that asked spanning human hair. Up poultry feathers in synthesized. And it's like double strength in human hair so that's good for that. The synthetic stuff is very cost prohibitive it's very expensive to make suit probably either extracting this from human hair so. He wealth America back on long as there's not a chicken feathers or yes I said. It depends on the Corel on the had no no self on this tell and now. Be careful of what you're looking to go buy some solar eclipse glasses there getting very skiers to find because the ciller's cooks coming up on the 21 Kristen and chew good we were looking for some of the day and would get fine. I was looking for some yesterday and I kind of strayed off of NASA's. Recommended recommended that the app people. And app I was having a friend of mine who is very science see and she said none and in no don't do that and I said Nobel laureate has BI SL. Certification on and she's and yet that's exactly what their faking. Yes there's a lot of fake stuff out there and it's because the legitimate places are wearing are on. Selling out and even places like Amazon dot com is having problems with this and they say earlier wait in any sort of counterfeit it's a look at the seller list. If it's a place that normally sells solar glasses or has astronomy gear are so Lester oh here but Jim's long service yeah Ali is gonna be sell on equality blogger who's you know the last Gemini it's equivalent of buying out of the trunk of you know parking lot which at this a guy named Eddie that could have been very very careful he's really ninth also feed you have a pair solar eclipse glasses if they're older than three years don't use them and after stretcher wrinkle probably don't use them as well and I don't think we should have to tell you just don't stare at the sun NOK just trying to stare at the summons are going through your daily retain yes. The genius beat like Jordan here he asked president whisper. He's able to pick the perfect gift for his wife Tiant out who is now admits that she's quite a picky person to get presents for the other you know what. He may be billing himself as the president whisper yeah he's just the stalker that is paying attention to his wife's there's a fly interest there's a fine line between Sarah Elliott and being really so hard to store I'm a real big fan know your stalker so what he did Jordan did the right when he first started dating her. He actually started at picturesque page and followed her. He gets his gift ideas from going to her interest page and seeing oh I see these hearings that she's been talking about it hosting a pinning. A mental and get that it's worked for are pretty well started off with their first Valentine's Day gift he was able to you know hit a home run with a gift department. And now he's sharing their knowledge with all of us are can I give you another trip yep this is pretty cool. Let's say it's your significant other. And you say boy. Guess what I got you. And as they start to guess. You're gonna get what's on the top of their mind. Yeah sell you you're gonna get to delve into a little bit of but guess what they actually. No no you know and the duke he'll get more ideas that I do what I want each of ideas here's the problem you have a problem of the space time continuum there is you know when they ask when the questions asked your insinuate implying that you more security at yes you are you you haven't on the way up capacity. Police are the only thing that ever answer when it says guess what I got you like a puppy. South of course literally the only thing that ever come out of my mouth while I thought they are so easy to shop for and come with what's in the bag carefully illegals. And finally being extra nice to hear annoying coworkers can actually make you happy this is study has actually had people write down to have how many positive and negative comments they got. And then also and that group that a smaller group that was well. Required to be extra nice to everybody. And what they found is those that is it's kind of a snowball effect if you're super nice to people even those that are no you. The ten made in turn give niceness and they pay it forward and has since there's harmony in the workplace it's nicer to be nice no we haven't tried it around here yes. I lived that. You don't my mother would not let me have it any other way. I think we get along very well here I don't think I don't really know people bunny we I don't think we have the lake. Really keep the people that challenge that belly imam says you never know if someone else is going through sell out an airlock to my got a list I. Local oh yeah drugs listed out trouble and watch it based listening to our podcasts over the listen to our show Monday through Friday right to have five to ten and will be back again later buying back.