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Friday, August 4th

It's Friday!  Back To School sales tax holiday through Sunday (8/6/17) for Florida.  Today on the show we covered how cleaning your kitchen sponge won't actually make it clean, the benefits of singing out loud and why drinking Hydrogen Peroxide is a bad idea!  the 98.5 KTK Morning Show for Friday, August 4, 2017.


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Hello once again from the day to gaze duty is in Gainesville and Ocala it is the morning show recap for Friday August 4 2000 at seventeen we've made it to the end of the of the week and we started up with the story that and well it's kind of pointless once we really get through I found out on the air a little. We're going through it and it's actually a web site that checks to see. If you're new password pitcher Gannett and you're gonna come up with now has been already used by hackers because this company keeps like. I don't know 300 million different compromised passwords the got a list so you you the youth you make up a password you. But I put it in the website and I'll tell you know all this started been hacked. But what we found out was one. It is find out is that when you put it up there well then it's and I'm in the Internet it's going to be. I had Arafat inhabit so they I didn't pick up on that they tell you. It's. Very ago I do think hacker put this up said he will pretend like open you know and a bunch of new password. And another story talked about is could be because of the Internet because you know at ya. It just because as of on the Internet doesn't mean it's true what's going to jump to this one out the one that talks about the health benefits of chugging. Hydrogen peroxide talking hydrogen peroxide this few reps as up as it's a natural cure for asthma cancer diarrhea irritable bowel and fatigue how ever earth off. That's not really true. It's a hole in your esophagus if you drink it Yahoo! yeah and also came cause you to get oxygen bubbles in Europe let's system which can actually cause a seizure or stroke of a rescuer had been on the terrifying imagine that so yeah there's something you know use it for like cleaning your teeth and reaching your hair X external use yeah only now. This is the same lines that look right on the Internet if I drink gasoline I'll have the same powers might automobile yeah that I would have put a website up and I had explain exactly the people would start doing brought high test only go yeah not the regular you want high tests are right here's and it just sounds creepy but maybe it's not jewelry that interacts with your outfits and actually will move around as well see this what I thought when he brought this up. There were used to be back in May be jeweled Beatles in my live beetle that has like a leash on it. Habits you pretend to your equipment body's held in Indian and they've they've like stapled while Massey they've gluten political figure gyms all over it yeah and it wanders around which would creep me out to no end well there's some researchers at MIT air calling it living jewelry and it's basically it's a little robot uses a magnate the kind of rolls around on your shirt or your jacket. They're seeing it beam us more like for bringing up your hood if it starts raining or bringing your phone up if it starts ringing but. Not naming the robot does yeah it'll actually go and pull it off to climb up your face to pull up your method. I don't know I don't I don't know if it's the Guinea pig on that one bucket and actually muses dead technologies well to match your outfit so you never have to worry about who you know this is match or does it worked hard to are there too many robot things that is under this is our future more more Roebuck yes it's kind of scary to in the FA spot. Created its own RAF FaceBook made the FaceBook bots made their own language Alia which was kinda scary because they're talking their own language that means they don't have to listen us anymore -- that's -- they cut that off though yes added and they killed those. All right Christen is our resident singer fishy she sings along with all the songs and everything she is a genius and she's healthy as a bulletin being laden credible and I love all happy that's rights there's a lot of studies coming up talking about singing out loud and how beneficial it is it didn't cause you to release endorphins which elevate your mood so you know. You don't need did get those depression or anxiety medications. Also improves your circulation. A when you taking in those deep breaths in and belting out these lyrics you bring you more oxygen in your blood system he kind of exercising is well and it's which actually changes the way that the beat your brains near transmitters transmit information. And does it a positive. Laredo and here's what to do if you take their formation. Yo you know what KTK does. KTK is like brain food is gonna make you feel good it's gonna release oxy Towson. And it what it really does that is going an Internet scam when you sing along with a great music we have and believe me the music that we put up. You gonna know the lyrics you're gonna sing along it's all your favorites so that's where aren't we are just like a flight workplace and in KTK except when I realize have been singing Africa wrong cents a song came out who we're proud to say yeah just us the reins and Africa well it Louis its post Iowa SATA was I missed the rains down in Africa it cannot it's I'd blessed the rains and apple now. I'm Jim bringing this Ron giant hole I mean I know that bears a pay phone on the right hand and that's out. I don't mind it's as well as my cordless phone mama don't take my cordless phone away for a well there is the show in a nutshell us weekday mornings from a five to ten and that have a great weekend most documented but happy and.