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Tuesday, August 8th

We found out the world's largest bounce house will be in Florida in a few months!  10,000 square feet of fun and we can petition for it to come to Gainesville and Ocala! Plus one of the most simple hacks to ensure you never forget an ingredient for a recipe when shopping and the cruise line for millennials only!  Just a sample of what we covered today on the 98.5 KTK Morning show for Tuesday, August 8, 2017.


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And welcome to that idea point 5 KG gay morning show recap bizarre extravaganza. Ought to just realized lesson if you're listening to this in its darker than it's night this is Eric KTK nightcap. Boone's not a little nightcap with human and very guilty of a long time to realize what a nightcap really meant actually had a mess of a putting a cap on your head while you can use to rid us actually before bed drink here I know that now but this kind of bottles things we talk about lyrics and they have we've scrimp and their whole lives thinking on that one thing in mind another. So Leo. This morning on the show we talked a lot about. About things that are happening here in the heart of Florida. We wanna happened here in the heart of Florida and one of them being the world's biggest bounce house would get into that here in just a few moments but first we talked about is what. Is that the perceptions if you were to leave the United States of America what woods. People say that. It Powell and American looks like I would think that they say boy you look huge. He tests and what's the big kids. Actually overweight is what the researchers from university Washington say they've analyzed and studies have or about a thousand college students. There are some pictures of people are different races. And asked them to gauge their country of residence they found that people with high BMI of 25 or more which is considered obese or overweight. Our view to be American more than any other country on here but we you know we don't have a lock on on. I'm big people we just don't you know is interesting is any Asians. That were overweight were assumed to be American immediately but that is very stern well that's got its America with a very chairman. They said on average about 87% of men are in more than three quarters percent of women from are considered over fat that's another thing they found in this particular study and that's just kind of where. You keep your sat right there on your belly line which is kind of bad because that's the increases your risk for diabetes and for cancer so maybe it's a good diet is good data trying to back just a little bit. Believe me from somebody who lost a lot of weight it's just takes one little thing changing your lifestyle and as is our struggle men yes it's against the constant struggle you know they are made me realize that Buddha. It's probably American. Americans and he's a big guy that's turned his belly yeah he's a big guy he wrote a belly for luck you know in some places is a struck coming out with a beverage to ask. Faster. The top of his head. Cruise's role meals Ali why nots need actress and single people rock girl icons even theme parks have Cruces so why not. For millennial I'll tell you why America's Christen her demographics getting dragged into the millennial thing that yeah I didn't Neiman that was our realization during the show. Well it's really. Was originally called gin alive and called millennial because your mate you know he's coming of age during the turn of the century or the millennium I should say so. Anyways this this cruise line has two ships. A man and they're if they're called eight in the B. They're painted jet black. And they are saying that this is where mr. Graham moments are made they are our age restricted only to 121 to 45. Which would include some of the genetics people as well look. At accommodates a 120 passengers and are designed to be part boutique hotel part yacht and parts. Resort and part tattoo parlor after shore style estate earns rooftop morning yoga sessions to bars rooftop lounge with the local DJ of course spinning and and the free Wi-Fi. Don't forget the Wi fi yes and no liberty don't forget our midnight avocado toast bar that's her rights but you're not gonna be going to the Caribbean on this one this is the truce is set to go along the European river I think this is a good idea that services Paris Amsterdam in Budapest starting next year here's why do that in order painted black. They'll be too hot to get out on deck if you're in the Caribbean in the summertime that is tried just about criminal back from a cruise and I didn't think there was a hotter place in South Florida and should there is again on the water. But would've that would've it's black. You know black car in the summertime yes I didn't know I own one. Now I think the that takes twenty minutes to cool down the of all right so we found out today that we've been cooking in assembling cheeseburgers wrong our entire lives via via yet we still are considered fat Americans. Mitt generally how we have cooked Amar how I have anyways is that you could the murder and the writer sports official put a slab cheese on most top who had a melt. But happens though according to this at a food expert. Add that the cheese melts off goes into the fire and becomes that charcoal. Thing that sticks to the grill so and basically what we're gonna do is you're gonna like forget everything you know about grilling a cheeseburger. And we're gonna turn it upside down for icy dip the bun that's the first thing you get yeah all right seat at the top of the bond turn it upside down so let's face up yeah but your cheese on the top of the month yet do not melted this is while the murderer still on the grow and then when you do you take your burger went want to stay on and off the grill. Put it on top of the cheese is on top of the top of the bun yeah and now it's starting to melt that cheese because this hot right that's right in the states all that nice up Horace topping your bonds you're giving all that she's goodness and here's the upside down part of this whole thing when you start getting their veggies you put it on the bottom half it'll be underneath the meat it will blow your mind you know. Your mind and the reason being is you try to put all the condiments like. You know you've got a piece asleep she's up there and you put a piece or raw onion on missiles fly off like black guys that you know Jersey have about 27 days until Labor Day to get it right. And so will be taste testing what we randomly stopping by your neighborhood detest your birth. Two election up there doing the right thing it's a workflow I thought. This is probably one of the best hacks I've learned and quiet a long time because I'm always caught that with. I know what they need to this particular recipe and I go to the store and nine times editor and I come home and I forgotten one item yeah. You know they always ask you did you find everything that she needed in opting yeah but once I get home they'll be one thing that I forgot and I'll recchi now all realize that once I pull into the driveway so a lot of times what you would do Kristin you say the EU but. Would you do you. I'm a gruel and like I Google their recipe airline and then I leave it open and my safari really in my web browser again so I'm always checking back at the at the list but I never remember where the recipe and sometimes you make those and one of my mistake in always you know the kids in Michener upset that you remember a particular item. I take pictures a lot of times but then he gets how lost in the picture soups of this guy came up with a really good hack and it involves your contact list in your phone. You make chicken soup up contacts from home and here's why you do that he's so that when you open it up and where has you can put the email on the phone number in the address and honest at these usually place for notes. That's we can put the ingredients you don't put the recipe so when you're out shopping you can bring that chicken soup were asked Syria or your personal assistant. Contact contact information for cheap cheap chicken soup. There it is and you have all the ingredients in love fest in the context right at the bottom there's a thing called notes and you put as many notes is as you can and if you have like chicken soup at the top and nothing except something down the notes those are the things you'll see on your screens absolutely laity and it'll read back to you yeah. Fantastic the robots and are going shopping bearden you know won't have that one of those chili cook off you know they ever wants a secret of what the what Ariel side that might backfire right that's right. Let's see the world's biggest bounce houses and I'm really excited about because I it's going to be our neck of the woods and I think if we get enough people to vote on it might come to our area so. Imagine it 101000 square foot inflatable playland for kids teens and adults. With seems known spot comes in five sections. Reaches 32 feet in height and clean takes twenty blowers to fully play inflate. Has a basketball hoop course in an obstacle course a giant slide and even a ball hit. That ended DJ at the center of trying to quantify how Big Ten thousand square feet is think. Like a dollar general store it's huge it's huge really is it's it's big league and eat we eat we you can do is you can go to our website there's a link that you can go and ask these people a request basically to come to Gainesville and Ocala who. Who's gonna be a Tallahassee November 3 that this fifth of this year. And I don't dread Tallahassee to join to enjoy it. Not in the middle for an out of town that weekend so I need it come yes or take friends and family go to our website and asked for the world's biggest bounce house to come here. And finally if you're into the Moscow mule it could be killing you yes those Russians are added again. A lot of time to get those cops that are copper they look kind of cute you hand and that's what you generally drink out of his what's called the Moscow mule. Unfortunately though when you put so liquids in the copper it leaches metals that can poison you and lets its line and less it's lying around they say that basically like underground water has a PH balance of any earn 68 and a half percent or whatever it's called. And anything below six worst are skating a city getting and an asset. Eight actually starts to lead the Newton metal search league team from the copper. So that's where you can get food borne oil Argus kick on like through sickness but just a storm said so long as your copper Mogg is lined with nickel or stainless steel your okay. But he should check them before you drink just to make sure that it's just mystery copper. Then I got a few people called. And gifted these he'd tell you. A big deal like that like target and Wal-Mart and you know even like Dillard's you would go out to the B check out island and there they weren't around last minute gift idea so nor there where where Ross and TJ Max. And knew where fraction of the content they always end up everything and stuff and they weren't in the name Blake already laid gift double little adorable lake presentation with a little Moscow mule recipe card and everything's about like six and I don't want to just give tax cigarettes next time Kristen Emma it's a little safer but. No but does that's that's what we want to pass on the that's what we talked about this morning on the showed join us week days. Five to ten Monday through Friday let us know how we're doing okay mirrors our boss is nice seven and I kept with you that you know. But by me.