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Pay One Price For Unlimited College Courses

Happy Friday!  Before I dive in to todays blog topic, take a look at what the experts say about our sneeze!
If you sneeze like this: "itchoo" you're probably the sensitive type. But if you let rip with one that sounds like this: "Waaa-choo." then you're probably a leader of men and women. How you sneeze honks out loud about your personality, says behavior expert Patti Wood. Wood analyzed sneezes and came to the conclusion that they can be broken down into four different personality types:

  • "Sensitive Sneezers" are never loud and they're friendly, outgoing people.
  • The "Be Right" sneezer is careful and accurate and only sneeze once.
  • "Get It Done" sneezers are fast and decisive and try to hold in their sneeze.
  • The "Enthusiastic sneezer really lets it rip. He or she sneezes loudly many times -- a sure sign that this person is a charismatic, born leader.
It's scary that the price of college continues to increase every year; way beyond the growth of inflation.  A terrifying problem for many graduates is finding a job that offers a large enough salary for them to pay back their student loans.  That fear is keeping many from pursuing  the dream of a degree or masters.

But what if there were a system of unlimited learning for one flat fee, similar to a cell phone plan? 

Come to find out there are two online universities that are doing just that.
  Patten University and New Charter University, both based in California are offering a flat fee of $199 per month ($796 per term)  for unlimited classes.  Straighterline charges $99 per month of enrollment, plus $49 per class.

All of these schools are accredited but courses may not transfer to every university (more about that later).  The real news of this set up is the cost savings. For around $1,700, you could take 10 classes over the course of a year at Patten and/or New Charter University. Straighterline would run you about $2,400 for the year. Regardless, both are significantly less expensive than the national average of $8,655 for a public, four-year college; and less than 1/10 the price of attending the average private, non-profit school.

If successful, these schools could be leading the shift in thinking on for-profit college tuition, especially as a growing number of established universities jump into the online education pool.

Of course, all for-profit college and online education programs come with the caveat.  Although they are accredited institutes of higher learning, earned credits and coursework may not transfer to a four-year program. So if that is your goal, you should check with the schools you intend on applying to before you ever sign up for a class at any other college, or you might just be throwing money at a class that won’t count toward a degree.

But a degree is a degree when it comes to landing a well-paying job.  Considering it takes a traditional state university graduate nearly 11 years after graduation to make the financially break even point and outperform their non-college counterpart, lower online options are a realistic alternative to aerning your degree, making it in the workforce and making more of it sooner.

-Chris Malone


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12/14/2012 6:12AM
One Price For Unlimited College Courses
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