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Whale Watch Play-by-Play

This is some incredible footage taken from a show called Big Blue Live on BBC One's BBC Earth in England.

Steve Backshall was interviewing a whale expert while on a whale watch when his helicopter camera crew let him know that a blue whale - the biggest animal on the planet - had been spotted nearby.

This all happened live, and Steve got absolutely breathless with his play-by-play as the giant mammal sucked in lungsful of air prior to diving below the surface to feed for a bit.

Amazing, really, in so many ways. Check it out...
The moment we spotted a blue whale - LIVE!

GROUNDBREAKING TV MOMENT! Steve Backshall is interrupted by a blue whale live on BBC One for BBC Big Blue Live. During an interview with whale expert Dorris Welch, Steve has to intervene and cut live to a BLUE WHALE!

Posted by BBC Earth on Monday, August 31, 2015
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Ah, the White Knight After All

So Donald Trump took to Twitter yesterday to whine.

Well, sort of.

He wanted to let the world know that he felt "totally stupid" for "turning down millions of dollars" in campaign contributions.

Really? That's what it takes to make him feel totally stupid?

Good to know the bar's been set, anyway.
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Breakfast All McDay

McDonald's announced yesterday that it will be serving breakfast all day long.

That's a nationwide move starting on October 6, following what must have been a successful test run in San Diego that started in the spring.

McDonald's see the all-day breakfast as a way to goose slumping sales. Time will tell.

Back when the test program began in San Diego, it was greeted with a bit of skepticism.

Like from The Late Late Show's James Corden, who had this to say about it on April Fools Day...
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"Not to Be Sexist, But..."

Star Wars has a Facebook page.

If you knew that already, you could be a Star Wars geek. But that's not important right now.

One of the characters in the much-anticipated Star Wars: The Force Awakens is Captain Phasma, played by Gwendolyn Christie who also plays Brienne of Tarth on Game of Thrones.

The Star Wars folks are having an art contest, inviting people to submit drawings of characters from the upcoming film.

Feeling inspired by Phasma? Your Star Wars: The Force Awakens-inspired art could land you a spot in a professional art...

Posted by Star Wars on Thursday, August 27, 2015

That's one artist's conception of Captain Phasma, and the reaction to it was pretty good.

Until one guy - probably one of those internet trolls - posted a comment:
"Not to be sexist, but it's really hard to tell that's female armor for me."

First off, nothing good is ever followed by the phrase "not to be sexist, but..."

Second, it's armor. Not designed to be curve-hugging. As the Star Wars pagemaster pointed out:
"It's armor. On a woman. It doesn't have to look feminine."

In order words, back off, Jack. Don't make me flick on my lightsaber!
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The Name is Street... Too Street

Talk about poor choice of words.

Anthony Horowitz, the guy currently in charge of writing new James Bond books, was on a promotional tour for his latest work, and the subject of Idris Elba came up.

Idris, who's got a string of movie and TV credits, is thought to be a frontrunner to replace Daniel Craig as the next 007.

Horowitz had this to say:
"For me, Idris Elba is a bit too rough to play the part. It's not a colour issue. I think he is probably a bit too 'street' for Bond."

Wow. For a writer, you'd think he'd choose his words a bit more carefully.

The good news is, he did apologize, so there's that...
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Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

A Marine named Jarrod Haschett posted a video to all sorts of social media a little over a year ago, hoping to get a date for the Marine Corps Ball in December.

An even though it's the Air Force's motto, this Marine aimed high.

He wanted to escort UFC fighter Ronda Rousey to the ball.

The video got close to 5 million hits.

And guess what? Ronda saw it, and said yes.

All Jarrod has to do is find dates for Ronda's three girlfriends.

I think Jarrod's "hoo-ahh!" could be heard around the country.

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Just a Little Harsh, Wouldn't You Say?

So it looks like Demi Lovato's performance at MTV's Video Music Awards on Sunday wasn't all that well received.

She performed outside the theater on a stage set up on there, and the people inside the auditorium watched on monitors.

Demi was wearing what's been described as "dominatrix-style" boots and a bedazzled dress.

And when Iggy Azalea joined her on stage - well, things didn't get much better.

One viewer at home had a pretty harsh tweet about it. Check it out...
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Say It Ain't So - Please Say It Ain't So

A day after the Video Music Awards, during which Kanye West ran about ten minutes past his alloted two minutes, the folks at TMZ are reporting that MTV wants Kanye to host the show next year.


I mean, what did we do to deserve that, MTV?

We've been good, haven't we?

It's bad enough you wouldn't let the guys in the control room cut him off when he went over.

It's bad enough one of your execs followed him to his dressing room to tell him how terrific he was.

Now you want to put him in as host?

Are you prepared for a weekend-long event, MTV? Cuz that's how this is shaping up!
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Downton Abbey Wrapping Up

Are you ready for it, Downton Abbeyites?

Your favorite series is wrapping up this season, which starts September 20.

The folks at ITV released this trailer over the weekend.

It feels a little sad, but a little uplifting too.

Sort of like a rite of passage.

What do you think?
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"Like That Little Cage is Gonna Help Ya"

Those sharks keep on coming.

Check out this video of a monster shark leaping out of the water. You can get a sense of its size from the shark cage's pontoons in the foreground.

The best part is the look on the face of the Australian Today Show's anchor and his co-host.

They're both completely dumbfounded, and vow never to go in the water again.

Check it out.

"I'm never going into the ocean again" - KarlWhat. was. that.#Today9

Posted by TODAY on Sunday, August 30, 2015
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