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Don't Tranq Me, Bro!

Last week, the Loro Parque Zoo in the Canary Islands held a gorilla escape drill, and somehow, during the drill, a staff member was struck with a very powerful tranquilizer dart.
Early reports suggested the guy was dressed in a gorilla suit and running around to make the drill more realistic, earning the dart as a reward. Officials at that zoo say that’s not true. Instead, the employee was found in his underwear, suffering an allergic reaction to the tranquilizer, which was accidentally discharged.
Found in his underwear? And nobody thought that needed an explanation?
Because the sedative was so strong, the zoo employee ended up in the hospital for three days. But he’s okay now, and probably looking for a new place that will allow him to hang around in his skivvies.

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06/10/2014 8:48PM
Don't Tranq Me, Bro!
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