Gummy Vitamins May Be Dangerous To Your Health

One of the most popular vitamin supplements may be hazardous to your health. A recent test of gummy vitamins found a vast majority do not provide the body with the proper nutrients. The test of 50 different multivitamins found that 80% of gummy multivitamins did not meet the standards of dietary...
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Quick Way To Fix iPhone Autocorrect i to a Blunder

It's not you, it's your iPhone and a glitch in the latest software update that autocorrects the letter i to an A. While Apple plans to fix the problem in a future software update that doesn't help you today. But we have a workaround that will save your frustration. It's the text replacement feature...
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The Best Fast Food Sauces

There are awards for just about everything on the planet and that includes fast food sauces. Editors of the web site AV Club sent their editors out across the country to taste test hundreds of condiments from fast food restaurants and have come up with the tops in each category. For instance, Ranch...
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