Invention Gives Trapped Animals In Swimming Pools An Escape To Stay Alive

Pool owners have a daily problem of animals making the mistake and walking, crawling, flying and jumping into their pools. Sadly many of those frogs, mice, lizards, ducklings, chipmunks and other animals and insects end up dying because they are unable to climb the slick sides of a pool. But a...
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How You Can Help Animals Affected By Hurricane Harvey

_informq.push(['embed'>); Hurricane Harvey has caused catastrophic damage throughout Texas, and thousands of animals have been affected by the storm. We have seen it all: from police herding cattle to higher ground to a hawk landing in a taxi cab to escape flood waters. In fact, we even saw a dog...
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Look Inside: This Goat With a Human Face Will Freak You Out

Today's viral animal video is showing a super creepy goat with a human-like face.
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solar eclipse

Today's Eclipse Information & Pet/Animal Safety

It's been 38 years since we’ve had a celestial event that has stirred up so much excitement but today we will experience a partial solar eclipse (a pretty substantial one). The shadow of the new moon will begin to block the sun's rays around 1:16pm this afternoon, with a maximum eclipse around 2:...
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Piesanos Stone Fired Pizza presents the 98.5 KTK 5K9 Run & Dog Walk, Saturday, December 2nd at Ocala's Citizen's Circle. A family and pet friendly , FUN 5K for all fitness levels and all dogs (with a leash of course)! You can participate in the 5K run, 5K walk or 1 mile "jingle walk" while...
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Scientists Have Finally Figured Out Why Your Dog Looks Guilty

Your dog does something wrong, and he responds by giving you a really sad look. Those really sad eyes with his head leaning down quite a bit. If you have a dog, you know this situation all too well. Animal behaviorists have called it an "apology bow." We love seeing these photos when we enjoy...
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