Here Is How You Avoid Getting Bumped Off An Airplane Flight

The Internet erupted into outrage after a video surfaced of law enforcement removing a passenger from an oversold United Airlines flight 3411 from Chicago to Louisville Sunday night. It has brought up the dark secret of airline reservations. In short, every airline overbooks their planes. They use...
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Restaurant Staff Opens Up To Annoying Habits Of Customers

When we are out enjoying a meal at a restaurant, we generally think we're being helpful to the wait staff by assisting them with tasks. And while the customer is always right is in play, there are some things we do that irks wait staff. Stacking glasses and plates may tower in good intentions...
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How You Are You Own Worst Enemy With Your Pay

It always feels like you are not paid for what you are worth and unfortunately, some of the blame rests on your shoulders. So here are some tips to maximize your salary. As taboo as it once was, openly discussing your salary is not a bad thing. In fact, it can help you get more if you find your...
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Impatient Man Attacks Couponing Mom In Checkout Line

Using coupons at the checkout lane? Ain't no one got time for that! Perhaps that’s the battle cry for a crazed man who attacked a woman at a grocery store in Memphis, Tennessee over the weekend because her attempt to save money was taking too long. Megan Wilson says she was sifting through her...
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