Wet Nose Wednesday - 6.14.2017

Wet Nose Wednesday on 98.5 KTK is presented by Town and Country Veterinarians and Pet Resort, providing the most comprehensive package of services, free for most adopted shelter pets, including a complimentary stool test, heartworm and flea protection, behavioral counseling and a complete spa bath...
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Organized Crime Targeting Used Cooking Oil

When you think or organized crime, you immediately think of drugs, guns, gambling and grease. Grease!? That’s got to be a mistake, right? The same cooking oil that fries up your French fries, chicken wings and fish sticks is now such a valuable commodity that street gangs and organized crime are...
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After the Storm

After a Tropical Storm or Hurricane has left our area, the need to keep up to date become more critical. Check here for the most up to date information as we piece life back together. Air Ducks - Clay Electric Cooperative - B&D Electric - Sunstate Federal Credit Union If you need assistance,...
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