Want To Volunteer But Don't Have Time? Consider Micro-Volunteering

Helping others, especially at this time of the year, not only helps those in need but makes you feel good. But let's be honest, when can you volunteer and help those in need when you don't have enough time in eh day! Simple. Its call micro-volunteering. Many non-profits need clerical help, which...
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New Warning To Not Consume Raw Baking Ingredients

So you know that we're not supposed to eat raw cookie dough because of the Salmonella risk from eating raw eggs. While that's still true it isn't the only reason you should avoid licking the mixing spoon. A new study says the flour used in baking contains strains of E. coli bacteria, the same...
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Chuck E. Cheese Animatronic Band For Sale

Get ready to say goodbye to part of your childhood if you ever had your birthday party or attended one at Chuck E. Cheese. The company announced in August that it is phasing out the animatronic bands that would entertain you with popular songs. But it is not all bleak thanks to Craigslist. An...
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