Solar Glasses Can Be Used To View Rare Large Sunspots

If you still have those solar glasses used to watch the partial eclipse last month, you might want to grab them and take a look at another solar phenomenon, sunspots. Two large sunspots are visible when viewed through NASA approved solar glasses or camera filters and apparently are the largest of...
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Eclipse Soil, "Basked In Total Darkness" For Sale On Ebay

As we briefly mentioned yesterday, those solar glasses used to watch Monday's eclipse can be recycled to the next solar eclipse, coming in 2019 to the counties of Chile and Argentina in South America. Astronomers Without Borders will be collecting gently used solar glasses for people in those...
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A view of the 2017 eclipse from the Jefferson Memorial Cross Park.

WATCH: Passengers Witness Eclipse Mid-Flight

Passengers on board a London to Miami Virgin Atlantic flight enjoyed a unique view of the first total solar eclipse to sweep across the US in nearly a century.
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Three Warning Signs That You Damaged Your Eyes During the Eclipse

Millions of Americans are searching the internet today to see if they damaged their eyes during the eclipse. Here's a list of warning signs.
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Yes, You Could Have an Post-Eclipse Headache

Yes, you could be experiencing a post-eclipse headache today.
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What To Do With Those Solar Eclipse Glasses After The Eclipse

Now that the Great American Eclipse is in the history books, what do you do with those solar glasses? A mere 24 hours ago they were the item everybody wanted but only a few had. But today you've got to wonder what to do with them. While you can use them for the next solar eclipse in July of 2019...
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LIVE STREAM: The Great American Eclipse of 2017

Don't have eclipse glasses? You can view the event live online. Plus, this is a great way to experience today's awesome event from coast-to-coast. Unlike the last North American solar eclipse, the advent of the internet has made today's eclipse so much easier. So NASA is live streaming the entire...
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Pets and the Eclipse: Keeping Them Safe

You're probably ready for the eclipse, right? You may have purchased your solar eclipse glasses. You may have planned a party for the eclipse. But there is something you may not even be thinking about when it comes to preparing for Monday, and that is the safety of your pets. If you have a dog and...
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WATCH: Man Partially Blinded by 1963 Eclipse Sends Warning

If you don't know anything else about the eclipse, you have to know how to protect your eyes. In reality, the only time you can take off your protective eyewear to look at the sun is when the eclipse is at 100% in totality. Totality, of course, lasts for just a few seconds. STAYING SAFE DURING THE...
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