Instagram Is Making Changes to How It Shows You Posts from Your Friends

You complained, and Instagram listened. The popular social media app says it will make changes to its algorithm-based feed. Yes, your photo feed is about to return to more of a chronological feed, instead of that algorithm-feed, which never seemed to show you the photos you wanted to see. The...
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Instagram Might Bring The Chronological Feed Back

Don’t you dare get our hopes up, Instagram! Word on the street is Instagram is considering reverting back to showing posts in your feed in chronological order. The app, owned by Facebook, switched over to an algorithm-based feed in 2016. That feed shows you posts that the algorithm has decided to...
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Win A Free Candy Bar With Every Gold Medal Won By Team USA

The 2018 Winter Olympics officially start today in PyeongChang, South Korea. Make sure you root for Team USA to bring home Olympic gold as you could get a free candy bar. Hershey's has released a new candy called the Hershey's Gold Bar, which is a caramelized crème candy with peanuts and pretzels...
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What Facebook Knows About You And How To Change It

Ever wonder why certain ads pop up while using Facebook? Or do certain ads annoy you and you ? Every time you visit the social media giant, Facebook is stalking you and compiling a fairly detailed list. But what exactly do they know about you? See for yourself. Login to Facebook, not through the...
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Another Facebook Change. So This Is How To See Stores From Your Liked Pages On Facebook

Change in inevitable and Facebook is again making a significant change on what you will see when you open the app. You've probably already noticed there are a lot more posts from your friends and family and less from public pages. Yes, even the pages you've liked and want to see stories from (such...
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Beware Of Revealing Too Much Info On Those Facebook Personality Quizzes

You see them pop up on your Facebook timeline and although they appear to be harmless fun, those personality quizzes could open yourself up to identity theft! Popular Facebook quizzes often ask users to answer a series of sharable personal questions such as "who was your childhood best friend", "...
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Tools To Help You Permanently Delete Old Social Media Updates

While Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are fun ways to keep in touch with friends and family, watch cat videos and even catch up on news, more employers are doing background checks on current and future employees. So an embarrassing tweet from 2010, Facebook rant from 2014 or the drunk Instagram...
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Facebook To Launch "Trust" Icons On All Shared Stories

The lines between legitimate and fake news is about to get easier on Facebook. The company is launching what it calls a trust indicator,” an icon that you can tap to learn more about the publisher of articles shared on Facebook. The move comes as Facebook and other social media platforms look for...
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police lights

Man Taunts Police With A Facebook Challenge And Dozen Doughnuts

Michael Zaydel was a fugitive. The 21-year old man was a wanted man for violating the conditions of his probation relating to a DUI charge. So the Redford Township, Michigan police department took to social media, like many do, in posting a picture of Michael and asking for the public to help...
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solar eclipse

Today's Eclipse Information & Pet/Animal Safety

It's been 38 years since we’ve had a celestial event that has stirred up so much excitement but today we will experience a partial solar eclipse (a pretty substantial one). The shadow of the new moon will begin to block the sun's rays around 1:16pm this afternoon, with a maximum eclipse around 2:...
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