Cold Weather Hacks To Keep You Warm

Floridians can handle pretty much all sorts of weather except freezing temperatures and bitterly cold wind. Freezing rain affecting much of the heart of Florida this morning and wind chills in the 20s and 30s all day the cold sticking around through Sunday. So make sure you are prepared by keeping...
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Only In Florida: Football Fan Sets Jersey On Fire While Still Wearing It

Football season is here and along with all the tailgating and chicken wings are the bets between fans. One Vero Beach couple lives in a divided home, with the husband being a devoted Cowboys fan and the wife a devoted Green Bay Packers fan. Last weekend, the two titans of the NFL locked horns with...
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Observant Swimming Fan points To a Champions Growing Mole And Get Him To Have It Checked

Australia has been singing the praises of Mack Horton, who won gold in the 400 meter freestyle at the Olympic Games in Rio. But Horton is singing the praise of an observant fan who quite possibly saved his life. A swimming fan has been following the career of the rising champion and while watching...
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