How To Gracefully Bail Out On Committed Plans

: Parties, coffee, get-togethers, a girls night out! Our social calendars can be super full at times. Although it is nice to be so popular there are times you commit to an event and later regret doing so. But rather than hurt your friend's feelings or endanger a job promotion, you can take the...
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The Polite Way To Get Party Guests To Go Home

Nothing can ruin a perfect party than the lingering guests. Those who are enjoying themselves so much that you take it as a compliment. But let's face it, you're exhausted and are ready to call it a night. Fortunately we've consulted Mary Berry, a former judge of The Great British Bake-Off and the...
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Men Share Women Struggles Of Balancing Work and Home

The balance between work and life is a hard and generally speaking it's the woman who are more stressed. But a worldwide study of 250,000 people finds that indeed women are stressed balancing a career and home life, but men as just as stressed but appear to conceal it more often. The study found...
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