Mall Installs Walking "Fast Lane" So Shoppers Can Avoid Slow Walkers

A recent poll found that 80% of consumers found slow walkers to be their biggest annoyance while shopping. The research also found that the average walking speed slowed down by 21% during the Christmas shopping period, as most shoppers spent more time window shopping and browsing during this period...
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Standing Or Walking: Which Is Faster On An Escalator?

While in the mall, airport sporting event you have no doubt used an escalator. Ahh, stars that move for you, brilliant! But let's say you running late for your flight, is it faster to walk up the escalator or just stand there and let the stairs do the work? Surprisingly, just standing there can be...
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Adopt A Piece Of Space Junk For The Holidays

Every year there is one person on your gift list that is hard to find the perfect present. This might be just the one for them, adopting them a piece of space junk that will Tweet them every time it is overhead. London's Royal Astronomical Society launched a special project called Adrift last week...
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