How To Gracefully Bail Out On Committed Plans

: Parties, coffee, get-togethers, a girls night out! Our social calendars can be super full at times. Although it is nice to be so popular there are times you commit to an event and later regret doing so. But rather than hurt your friend's feelings or endanger a job promotion, you can take the...
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Keep A Grilled Cheese Warm Hours After Its Been Cooked

One day this winter, it will be cold and nothing taste better on a cold day than a grilled cheese sandwich. Usually you can only enjoy it immediately after the cheese has melted and the bread has toasted. But we're about to revolutionize your grill cheese life and go over how you can enjoy a warm...
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What To Change If You Are Starving Ahead Of Lunch

Find yourself nibbling at your lunch long before your lunch break? Two factors are in play here, according to a dietician, an early start to your day and a wrong breakfast mix. If you relatively fit, exercise and eat your breakfast before 7am, you should consider adding a fourth meal time to your...
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Avoid These Foods To Beat That Post-Lunch Nap Feeling

Ever find yourself getting sleepy after lunch? While some cultures encourage a nap after lunch, snoozing after lunch can be a real problem for your productivity at work. But there is a simple solution to prevent the sleepies after lunch munchies. In short, you're eating too much and what you're...
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Dad Packs Lunch

Dad Pack's the Sweetest Lunch

High school Senior Mag Sullivan's dad Tom, has packed her lunch every day since kindergarten, but on her last day of high school the Tacoma Washington senior has a surprise when she opened her lunch. Dad has always included a pre-peeled orange in her lunch, he continued to do it well into her teens...
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American's aren't going out for lunch anymore?

Americans aren't going out for lunch the way we used to, with market research firm NPD Group finding that we made 433 million fewer trips to restaurants at lunch time last year. That's the lowest level in at least four decades! The Wall Street Journal writes, " Many U.S. workers now see stealing...
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Talking An After Lunch Walk Can Leave You With More Energy All Day

Let’s face it, by the end of today, you'll be exhausted! But not only does this happen on Fridays it happens nearly every day of the week. So how can you battle tiredness and be more productive? Try taking a walk after lunch. That's right, no pills, and no coffee! Researchers say a 15 minute walk...
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Eating Out For Lunch Everyday Is Dangerous To Your Health

Opting to eat out for lunch today instead of bringing it from home? While an occasional lunch out is OK, having too many lunches out not only can leave you broke but can be dangerous to your health. Writers for a new book, Packed, say that restaurants routinely offer lunches that are too high in...
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Free, Lunch, Children, Breakfast, Program, USDA

2016 Summer Meals Program

Now that the sumemr break is here, teh USDA Summer Food Service Program kicks into high gear, offering free lbreakfast and lunch for childrend up to 18 years of age, regardless of income, at various places throughout the Heart of Florida. use your zip code to find a localtion that is close to you...
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