How To Heat Up A Cold Office

Now that the cold weather is back there is a good chance your office is also cold! So if you work in a drafty office or have a stingy boss here's some advice on how to get the heat cranked up! First, recruit like-minded cold comrades who also feel the office is scold and then as one group present...
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The Key In Keeping Healthy This Cold & Flu Season May Be In Houseplants

The cold and flu season is taking its toll on the office. While you should always stay home if you have it there are some who come in anyways or those who are sick but have yet to show symptoms. So an easy way to protect your health is to populate your work area with houseplants. Researchers have...
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App Pairs Up Your Office Secret Santas

The office Secret Santa can be a fun way to celebrate the holidays and build a closer relationship among coworkers. But let's face it, being in charge of picking matches can be a chore and the last thing you want is to be accused of playing favorites or having to do it all over because you picked...
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Companies Cutting Down Alcohol At Holiday Parties

2017 may just be known as the year longtime sexual harassment criminals have been busted and all the allegations have many businesses cutting back on the amount of alcohol at Christmas parties. A recent survey found just 49 % of companies plan to serve alcohol as their holiday events this year,...
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Most Annoying Coworker Habits

Finding harmony in the office can be challenging considering one in three workers say they've left a job because of an annoying coworker or coworkers. One in five people say that they have one coworker who annoys them on a regular basis, while 73% say they have been two and five who do. Of the five...
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Avoid These 5 Holiday Eating Mistakes

Thanksgiving is just days away, which means the holiday parties are coming up and of course Christmas and New Year’s; each of which involves a lot of food and the self-loathing of the average of nine pounds we gain during this time of the year. You can enjoy holiday foods without the guilt,...
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Should Non-Smokers Get Extra Paid Time Off As Compensation For Smokers Taking Breaks?

Yes, Smokers take time off from work to smoke, so I should get compensated.
100% (3 votes)
No, non-smokers can also take scheduled breaks and not smoke, so there is no need for additional paid time off.
Total votes: 3
A Japanese company offers an additional six days of paid time off a year for non-smokers as compensation for smokers taking 15 minute breaks throughout the day. Do you think your employer should offer paid time off for not taking breaks to smoke?
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Types Of Problem Coworkers And How To Deal With Them

Come to find out there isn't a lot of harmony at the office as many workers look to therapy to handle stressful co-workers. So therapists from around the country reveal the types of colleagues their clients complain about most and share the actionable advice they give for dealing with each. The...
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Smart Ways To Stop Coffee Creamer Criminals In The Workplace

It's a tale old as time, co-workers raiding the office refrigerator and stealing your coffee creamer. Notes, threats and even crafting a locking system fails to stop the coffee creamer criminals from helping themselves. But one expert recommends you take a cue from Hollywood and play a little game...
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The Secret To Happiness At The Office Isn't What You'd Think

There is a secret to beng happy at teh office and it has nothing to do with your paycheck or vacation. Gone are teh days when office memos and client communciations stayed in the office. Now they appear on your phone. You can remotely get into your office computer too. So how does this make you...
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