Cold Weather Hacks To Keep You Warm

Floridians can handle pretty much all sorts of weather except freezing temperatures and bitterly cold wind. Freezing rain affecting much of the heart of Florida this morning and wind chills in the 20s and 30s all day the cold sticking around through Sunday. So make sure you are prepared by keeping...
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Over A Third Of Americans Are Binge Watching Netflix At Work

Move over #NetflixAndChill, we're binge-watching at our work desk! Apparently Netflix is watching as much as we're watching shows on it. On a survey over 37,000 people, it found that 67% of Americans are watching Netflix outside their home with 27% are watching at work! Yep, #NetflixAndWork is the...
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Foods To Avoid Cooking On The Backyard Grill

The summer air is filled with the smells of grilled foods but not all foods should be cooked over an open flame, says Chefs who think we need a refresher course on what should be cooked over coals and what shouldn't. For instance, grilling a pizza. While a pizzeria uses an open flame to cook, most...
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The Secret Ingredient For The Tastiest Grilled Burger

Just in time for your backyard bbq party this weekend, we've got the secret in grilling the perfect hamburgers that are tasty and juicy! Ready? Use an ice cube. Graham Elliot, a judge on the TV Show Master Chef says secret to keeping burgers juicy is to fold an ice cube right into the center of...
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The Key To A Good Night's Sleep May Lie In The Great Outdoors

Can't seem to get a good night's sleep? Perhaps you should pitch a tent in the back yard and camp in the great outdoors. It comes down to our technology and something we've discussed before. The constant light of your TV, computer and phone at night confuse our body and that can lead to sleepiness...
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Man Locks Himself Out of Home: Attempts To Get Back In Through Chimney

Believe it or not, this story doesn't start with the phrase, "Hold my beer". A Tucson, Arizona man apparently got stuck in his own chimney after locking himself out of his house. Sunday morning, a 26 year old man had gone outside and apparently locked himself out. Perhaps taking a cue from Santa...
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