98.5 KTK 5K9 Run & Dog Walk 2017

The 98.5 KTK 5K9 Run & Dog Walk was held on Saturday, December 2, 2017 at Citizen's Circle in Ocala. Thank you to all who came out and particiapted on a beautiful morning that helped VOCAL: Voices of Change Anuimal League of Marion County . A special thank you to our title sponsor Piesanos...
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Mathematical Pizza Physics: Better to Get One Large Or Two Mediums?

If you want the most bang for your buck when ordering pizza you have to consider how much crust you like to consume. Two friends posted detailed calculations on the website Imgur that indicate an 18-inch pie yields 53.4 square inches of crust, while two medium pizzas yield 69.13 square inches of...
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WATCH: Woman Receives Threatening 4 Page Letter From Driver After Pizza Delivery

If you order a pizza, you don't expect that you'll need a restraining order against the delivery driver, right? Well, you may want to think again after reading this story. _informq.push(['embed'>); Lauren Ledford told a Los Angeles-area TV station that she ordered a pizza using the popular delivery...
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