Christmas Laser Light Display Warnings

One of the popular Christmas traditions is to decorate the outside of your house with lights. Twinkling, icicles and even choreographed to Christmas music. Now it's even easier with a laser light display. One device projects thousands of points of Christmas cheer on your home. However these laser...
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Computer Programmer Develops Software To Give Phone Scammers A Taste of Their Own MEdicine

It appears that scammers are getting a taste of their own medicine, thanks to a hacking genius. By now you've probably received a phone call about back taxes, credit card refinance, your electric bill, winning the lottery or other financial situation where you are transferred to an Indian call...
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Detachable Short Jeans Are The Latest Head-Scratcher In Fashion

"Go home fashion, you're drunk," could be the best way to describe this year. From pre-muddied denim and see-through plastic jeans to the male romper, or RompHim . Now we have convertible jorts, the brainchild of Y/Project, which is a 2-in-1 pair of jeans with detachable legs that transform your...
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