Internet Costs Worldwide Compared

The Internet may have been born in the USA, it's costly for Americans to use it. According to cost information web site HowMuch.net , the average cost for broadband internet access is $66.20 a month, which is the 82nd priciest out of 196 counties . By comparison, access in Canada costs slightly...
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How To Tell If Your iPhone Has Been Slowed Down Due To Its Battery

If you think your older iPhone isn't as spy as it once was, you're right! Apple unveiled that it intentionally slows down the processing speed of your phone based on the condition and age of its battery. Apple says it is needed to smooth out the power draw on the batteries to prevent them from...
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Police Catch Speeders Disguised As Road Construction Workers

Be mindful of your speed while driving through a construction zone. Drivers in Pennsylvania had quite a surprise zipping by a parked Department of Transportation truck Wednesday. While you'd think it contains a road construction worker, it actually was a state police officer with a radar gun. The...
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