Words With Friends Sparks Close Friendship Between A 22 and 81 Year Old

One thing the Internet has done is make sure you always have someone to play a game with, as in the case of Words with Friends. The online Scrabble-type game pairs your friends together to play as well as match complete strangers. That's the case of Spencer, a 22-year old rapper who lives in New...
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Florida Couples Are Happier Than Average

Although Virginia state it's for lovers, full of crazy Florida is packed with love and harmony. A new survey found that couples in Florida fight 17 times per month, which is lower than the national average of 19 times. Couples in Alaska, South Dakota, Maine and West Virginia tied for the happiest...
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Beyonce vs Adele showdown at Sunday's GRAMMY Awards

The 59th Grammy Awards are set for Sunday night and if you were hoping for another Kanye West moment, sadly we must inform you that he will be absent for this year's ceremony, even though he ties Rihanna and Drake with 8 nominations. Although t appears to be Beyoncé’s night as she has the most...
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